Retiring Rural

Remember the good ole days of rural America, when there wasn’t a Starbucks on every corner, and you had to ride your bike to your friend’s house down the street because your next door neighbor was at least a mile or two away?  If not, maybe you wish you do?  Retiring into a rural community is an appealing solution for many these days.  With all the hustle, bustle, and iPhone apps that consume our days, isn’t there somewhere to get away from it all?  Yes, there is!  

Invest in Land 

Investing in new property can be an alleviating experience to someone who’s just come off the 40+ year, 50-60 hour work week schedule. It can also be quite daunting to make the budget fit in most cases. “Can we afford the monthly payments?” “How can we find a place that offers privacy and a rural community without losing the benefits of a city, like hospitals, and a grocery store that carries Kale?” Recent retirees want a tangible investment and a fresh start that doesn’t break the bank, right? The problem is, land is finite and can be hard to find, and many times a price will reflect that. The upside to this is that there are many there are many ways to find the right financing solution, and we offer owner financing at low interest and thousands of dollars in reduced cost. 

Picking the Location

When considering where you want to live, make a list of the highest priorities for you: Is it being close to family? Being close to healthcare? Being able to go into the city? All of these factors can help determine which rural community would be best for you. 

Take your Time

We always recommend that our clients take their time. Explore different rural communities, meet the residents, go look at the potential property. Is it far enough away to ensure privacy, or close enough for you to walk to the grocery store? Take the time and explore potential properties so that you can be confident in your decision when you make the big move. 
Land is a great investment for those that want to leave something behind for loved ones, or simply have something to call their own when they’re spending time developing those hobbies that they didn’t have time for when they were working full time.  We’ve answered a few common questions we get about financing, and there are many properties availableLet us know if we can answer any other questions for you!