Planning Your Spring Wildflower Garden


There is nothing better than starting a garden in the spring. Bright, beautiful flowers can be the perfect touch to make your home unique and your own throughout the spring and summer months. Finding the perfect flowers to plant at the right time is key to making your garden a success. Try these tips for the ideal garden for your home.

Plant Annual Flowers

Good examples of annual flowers to plant during March are pansies, dianthus, and snapdragons. These should be planted in containers or beds that can handle cold weather to prevent them from dying before being transplanted to the ground when warmer weather arrives.

Choose Early Blossoms

Early bloomers that can handle cold weather are a great addition to a spring wildflower garden. Senetti pericallis, cyclamens, ranunculus, dianthus, carnations, campanulas, callas, and calceolarias all do well and bloom even when temperatures drop.

Plant Flowers Native to the Area

Planting flowers that are native to the area will make it easier for them to take root and bloom. Virginia bluebells, celandine poppies, Jacob’s ladders, Dutchman’s breeches, trout lilies, and columbines are great examples of native flowers that can be planted that will take root and bloom well.

Plant Summer-Blooming Bulbs

When you think of flowers to plant in your garden, there is nothing more beautiful than those big bulb flowers. Cannas, dahlias, and gloriosa lilies do the best when planted now. Plant these under grow lights indoors to get a head start on the season.

Plant Roses

Roses are staple for many flower gardens throughout the region.  Both bare-root and container-grown roses can be planted in April. Select varieties like Knock Out for great color and easy care. These roses offer almost constant blood. Select an area that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Plant Drought-Resistant Perennials

Sedums, agastaches, coreopsis, yuccas, and yarrows are good ideas to plant when worries of lack of rain are an issue. These flowers are not only drought-resistant but low maintenance as well.

Potting Containers

Using containers on your porch to add a beautiful, decorative touch is always a welcome addition to your spring wildflower garden. Planting Angelonia, dusty miller, and violas in containers to brighten up your porch and patio during the spring will be a beautiful added addition.

Freshen Up Your Garden

To give your spring garden the best chance at blooming full and beautiful throughout the season and into summer, it’s best to spruce things up a bit. In addition to pulling weeds and getting rid of the dead leaves leftover from the fall, be sure to add new mulch if it is needed and fertilize the beds. However, if using a pre-emergent herbicide, apply it before spreading fresh mulch to prevent sunlight from breaking it down. Use a balanced granular fertilizer for new plants to encourage faster growth.

Does starting a spring flower garden sound like something you would like to do, but you don’t have the room to do it at your current home? You can reach out to Hurdle now to learn about Monroe County, TN land for sale.