Outside Activities to Satisfy Spring Fever

Outside Activities to Satisfy Spring Fever

You’ve been waiting inside all winter just to get a taste of spring. Then, it finally happens… the thermometer rises to heavenly temperatures! You’ve been waiting, but are you prepared? Start getting ready now by making a list of what you want to do when the time comes to finally spring out your front door. You might want to try one of these activities:

1. Ride a Bike

One of the best parts of spring weather is feeling that warm breeze across your face. Nothing gives you a better taste of it than riding your bicycle around some local trails—old or new.

2. Take Your Dog for an Extra Long Walk

There’s no reason Fido can’t enjoy this weather, too. He’s been waiting to get out too! Not only will it keep you both healthy, but you’ll be sure to see the joy on his face when he sniffs the air. He’ll be sure to show lots of love when you get back. Or he’ll take a nap from exhaustion.

3. Play with the Kids

They’ve been waiting too. Sure, the snow may have been fun, but now they have visions of tree houses and baseball games. Come on, admit it. You want to get out and play on the swing as much as they do. But you might want to leave the tree-climbing to Junior.

4. Start Your Garden

Now, wasn’t this the whole reason you wanted a farm? It’s finally time to dig your hands into the rich soil while you dream about the bounty you’ll see in a few month. Whether you’re planting flowers or fruit, grains or veggies, there’s nothing quite like being about to produce something helpful right from your own two hands.

5. Ride in the Back of a Pickup

Maybe you’ve had a rough winter, and you need to relax. You’ve been riding around all winter in the cab with the heat on, it’s time to let someone else do the driving while hang out in the back. Take those blankets that you had to bundle up in last month to pad the bed and make a more comfy ride.

6. Nap Outside

You’ve been waiting all winter just to feel the sun on your face or a warm breeze through your hair. Go outside and just lie down in the grass and just enjoy it. If you wind up falling asleep, at least you’ll have a smile on your face.

7. Or Just Open Your Windows!

Maybe you can’t get outside just yet. But your house has been waiting too, and now’s the chance to throw open the windows and let the fresh spring breeze blow away and winter dust that’s settled. Viola, you have nature taking care of your spring cleaning for you.

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