Is Nature Good for You?


If you live on a farm, you know about the majesty of nature.

You get a front row seat to starry skies and rolling meadows. If you have a garden, you get to enjoy fresh, organic food that you planted yourself. Your farm chores keep you physically active, and the solitude of the countryside ensures that you sleep well every night.

But what does science say about how nature impacts human beings’ health and happiness?

Check out a few key studies that reveal that nature is actually good for you.

Walking in Nature Has Positive Impacts on the Brain

In a study conducted by graduate students at Stanford University, 60 participants were asked to go on a 50-minute walk, in either a natural setting or urban environment around Stanford University.

Each participant was asked to complete a psychological assessment before and after the walk—an assessment which measured affective and cognitive function.

No surprise: the participants who walked in the natural section of the campus reported being happier and experiencing less anxiety than those who walked in the areas of heavy traffic and buildings.

An updated version of the study took a deeper dive into the neurological effects of being in nature.

The researchers found that those who engaged in a nature walk were less likely to experience rumination or brooding (repetitive thoughts focused on negative aspects of self).

Have you ever visited the city and noticed yourself feeling anxious or uncomfortable?

Turns out, there may be scientific evidence that being in nature aids in relaxation and feelings of well-being.

A View of Trees? Good for Your Health

A 1984 study from the journal Science examined the medical records of patients recovering from gallbladder surgery in Pennsylvania.

The study was groundbreaking for a number of reasons.

For starters, researchers had always suspected that access to the natural world improved patients’ outlook and chances of good recovery.

But the 1984 study finally confirmed it.

Researchers found that patients whose bedside windows looked out on leafy trees healed an average of 1 day faster, required less pain medication and experienced fewer complications than patients whose windows looked out onto a brick wall.

The idea that stress and anxiety could negatively impact a patient’s healing process now had scientific support.

And the relaxing, healing powers of nature did, too.

Nature’s Beauty, Delivered To You

Studies have shown that being in nature can elicit feelings of awe or wonder.

Researchers have found that people who looked at a picture of a nature scene felt more mentally energized than people who looked at pictures of a city.

There are so many health benefits to experiencing nature that it would take too long to list them here.

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Should you opt for the city? Should you spring for a starter house in the suburbs?

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Choosing a place to live can be tough.

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