Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes


Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

There are plenty of reasons that you might need a last-minute do-it-yourself Halloween costume. Your plans have suddenly changed, and you have a Halloween party or event to go to. You didn't buy a costume but now need to throw something together super easy and fast because everything is sold out. Or maybe you decided that the costume you did buy will not work for the event you are going to. Check out these great ideas for last-minute costumes.  

Last-Minute Costumes for Adults

There are many things in your closet that you can throw together to make a great last-minute costume when you are out of time, low on funds, or change your mind on your costume. You can throw together a character costume, a cute costume, or something comical. 

You can go for nostalgia with a Kim Possible costume made up simply of camo pants and a black long-sleeve shirt. If you want to do something a little quirkier, how about being a candy wrapper? Throw on any outfit, grab some fun-size candy bars, print out a picture of your favorite wrapper, and put them on your outfit. You're all set with a unique and quirky costume all your own! Want something a little more on the playful side? Throw on a pair of shades, a white, collared button-down shirt, and some black shorts, and you have a Risky Business costume. 

Last-Minute Costumes for Kids

So, it is the night before your child's Halloween party at school, and they now hate their costume. Here are a few quick and easy ideas that you can do to change up their costume at the last minute. 

Go into your child's closet and grab everything that is plan black that they have. Grab some pants, a shirt, socks, shoes, and add a mask. They can be Peter Pan's shadow. Does your son love superheroes and have tons of character shirts? Grab a Superman t-shirt, add a white button-down shirt on top, and a black jacket. Leave the shirt open with the t-shirt showing underneath, and you have a Clark Kent/Superman costume. Need something super simple? Cut an old white sheet into strips and wrap the strips around your child. Now, you have a little mummy that is complete in two steps!

Last Minute Couple Costumes

You were planning on going to that party alone, and now your significant other has decided to go with you. Here are a few easy ideas for a couple of costumes that you can throw together at the last minute. 

Grab some shorts, an old t-shirt, tube socks, and tennis shoes. Now you are both camp counselors! Want easy character costumes? Dress up as Fix-It-Felix and Wreck-It Ralph. For Felix, grab a hammer, yellow gloves, and a hat, and for Ralph, a red t-shirt, messy hair, and some overalls. Need something super-fast? Dress up as salt and pepper! All you need is one person to dress entirely in black (or grey) and one person to dress entirely in white. Add a black 'S' for salt on the white costume and a white 'P' for pepper on the black or grey outfit, and you are done! 

There are so many different ideas to choose from when doing a DIY costume for Halloween. There is no reason you can’t just throw together something quick and easy from your own closet! Now you and your whole family is ready to celebrate a homestead Halloween