The Land Man, Geoff Hurdle


When you come to Hurdle to purchase rural, owner-financed land, you aren’t using a huge corporate mortgage company. You are buying from a family business. Hurdle runs their business just as though you were part of the family too. They don’t run credit checks; their philosophy is that they promise to finance you for the land you purchase as long you promise to pay them back.

Humble Beginnings

The current captain at the helm of Hurdle Real Estate is Geoff Hurdle. The Hurdles are in their third generation of land developers, and Geoff is proud to follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. Geoff, who is known throughout Tennessee as the “Land Man,” has been a licensed real estate agent since 1992. His career began in the South Carolina market, where he managed new developments and sales.

Geoff became a licensed broker in 1996. That was when he moved to the home office in Loganville, Georgia, to manage both the Georgia and South Carolina markets. Seven years later, Geoff and a business partner, under the Keller Williams brokerage, began a new real estate venture, The Moore-Hurdle Group. This team soared to the top, becoming a top 1% producer in the southeastern region from 2004 to 2007, and a top 3% producer, nation-wide. Development tracts and building lots became Geoff’s specialty, and it wasn’t long before Hurdle was the name trusted above all in that niche.

He’s not just a real estate agent or a “land mover,” though. In 2018, Geoff completed coursework for the prestigious designation as an Accredited Land Consultant, (ALC). From there, it has been his goal to maintain our status as the acknowledged leader for all matters pertaining to the land real estate profession. In an effort to keep this impeccable reputation, Geoff Hurdle was elected president of the TN chapter of the RLI, serving in 2019 and 2020. In 2021, he will serve as a member of the board of directors for RLI National.

More than Just Real Estate

Learning through the family development business has allowed Geoff to serve other developers develop or real estate agents move land while maximizing its value in Hurdle’s Tennessee-based LLC. It is Geoff’s desire to be the first name you think of when you think of “land.”

If you’d like to read more about Geoff, read here.

Now more than ever is the time to support local business. Consider shopping small, even when looking for land to buy. It’s a win-win situation when you get business expertise as sharp and long-standing as what you get from Geoff Hurdle and his family. Even though Hurdle has reached the top of the real estate game, he still is grounded enough to be able to help you select the piece of land that’s right for you. Shop local, and think of Hurdle when you’re ready for them to help you find your new little piece of heaven.