How You Could Own Land Tomorrow

How you Can Own Land Tomorrow

Purchasing land has become one of the soundest investments a person can make. The good thing about owning land is that you can either develop it immediately for your family home or let it sit without it deteriorating like a brick and mortar building would. Whether it’s going to be an addition to your investment portfolio or used to build your family home, the goal of owning land isn’t impossible. In fact, you could be closer to that goal than you ever thought possible.

The First Step

Making the decision to purchase land is technically the first step in the process, but the step we’re talking about is selecting the perfect plot. This step is also the most fun, in our opinion. First you look at the pictures online or that have been published in the newspaper. Land for sale is in abundance no matter what state you live in, and we’re here to tell you that the best spots to pick are those that are listed as “for sale by owner”. This is especially true if you want to fast track your purchase.

Dream For Tomorrow

Once you’ve found that beautiful, raw, and undeveloped piece of dream land, get ready for things to move pretty quickly. Unlike buying a house, you don’t have to wait for inspectors or appraisers to knock your chances of getting a good deal. Undeveloped land is always sold as-is because there aren’t any foundations that can crack or leak or attics or roofs to repair before you settle on a price. In fact, you could become a landowner tomorrow if you already have a plot of land picked out today. It’s not a pipe dream either, thanks to owner financing.

Owner Financing

You often need to weigh the pros and cons of any type of important financial decision. The biggest benefit of purchasing owner financed land is that you don’t have to worry about jumping through all the hoops realtors and banks require when they provide the financing. There aren’t massive commission fees, interest charges to worry about, or even a ding on your credit report. If you went through a realtor to buy your land you would be hit with application fees, service charges, deed tamps, title services, costs related to document preparation, and so much more.

If you’re like most people, your credit score is very important. It can help you with buying a car, getting approved for a credit card, personal loan, and even getting a job. Every time someone checks your credit, it goes down. With owner financing, this is a thing of the past. There is no credit check with owner financing and no matter where you are financially, buying land is a dream that everyone can achieve.

Don’t make the mistake of buying your land through a realty office and spending weeks or even months agonizing over the costs and convoluted process involved. With our help, you could work out a contract specifying monthly payments with the landowner—that’s us—over a cup of coffee today and be a landowner yourself by tomorrow.