How You Can Find Owner Financed Land Available in Georgia

How You Can Find Owner Financed Land Available in Georgia

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of owner financed land, your next step is finding it. As you can imagine, good deals aren’t going to magically fall into your lap, so you’ll need to do some searching. The first thing you want to do is decide where in Georgia you’d like your new home to be. Take a look at what the various areas have to offer and start there. When you choose a place to settle down and build your home, you want to make sure it is near the things you want to do.

1. Baldwin County

Macon is the town you want to visit when you are in Baldwin County. This historic city is home to the Tubman Museum, telling the story of African American history, and the Grand Opera House. However, Stone Mountain Park and Pirate’s Cove golf course in Duluth are also worth the trip. With mountains for skiing and nature centers for viewing wildlife in addition to arenas for skating or watching concerts, Baldwin County will never let you be bored.

2. Crawford County

The historic stone train depot is the most notable site you will find in Crawford County. But don’t let that distract you from the nearby park and many trails that also make the area worth spending some time in. As home to Augusta, you’ve got a city with plenty to do, from athletic events, to jazz concerts.

3. Jackson County

Jackson is the place to go to find the beauty of the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. From their agricultural museum to the Geocaching Trail, find nature, history, and culture. If you want to visit vast farm land, or stand aghast in front of the many stately Victorian home, it can all be done in Jackson County. Just be sure you don’t miss any of the waterfalls and trails the county has to offer.

4. Jones County

Jones County is known for a laid back lifestyle and affordable lifestyle. Although the Civil War did a good deal of damage to the area, the turn of the 20thCentury helped the county to begin prospering again. Otis Redding helped put the county on the map, while the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge keeps it there.

5. Polk County

Polk County is a great site for those who love history, and especially those interested in the lives of Native Americans such as the Cherokee. You will also find some beautiful, rustic places to spend your day and relax, such as Hightower Falls.The biggest event in Polk County is the Homespun Festival in July – a craft show with 8-10 thousand visitors.

Have you found your preferred county, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by not knowing where to look? Hurdle has already done a big chunk of the work for you. Take a look at the properties and descriptions in Georgia of the owner financed land we have already scouted out and enjoy deciding on your new patch of home.