Have the Budget for Real Estate Investment but Not the Credit?

budget for real estate investment

Real estate investment is one of the most stable financial choices you can make, but that doesn’t mean it’s always possible. When buying stocks or precious metals, you control the amount you purchase. If you only have $1,000 to spend, then you can make a small investment any time. Real estate, however, is a whole different animal. Before you can buy large plots of land, you usually have to go through credit checks, submit large down payments, and live with your financial life under a microscope until the deal closes.

Not everyone has the wiggle room in their credit history to apply for multiple land purchases. In fact, after buying your own home, family cars, and sending the kids to school, your credit applications may be denied no matter how much income you have. Even if you were able to secure approval for a second or third mortgage, are you ready to subject all your financial dealings to scrutiny while you wait for the loans to close?

The Solution Awaits

What if you could buy land with no credit check and no huge down payment? Would you begin adding to your investment portfolio right away? The possibility does exist, and it’s available in three states right now: Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you’ve been considering buying land for investment, turn your sights to the south.

Hurdle Land and Realty offers several farms in these states, and all you need is a $295 down payment. That’s all. No credit check. No mortgage application. No saving for months to gather a percentage of the purchase price for your down payment. Just $295.

The Benefits Keep Coming

The ease of purchase isn’t the only thing that makes land investment through Hurdle Land and Realty the wise choice. We’ve made buying and keeping your land easier than ever. With a 7.9% fixed interest rate (unless you buy during one of our special offer periods), payments stay low each month. We finance every purchase, so you’ll work directly with us and not some bank in a distant city.

With the down payment, you take immediate possession of your property. There are zero closing costs. Nothing could be easier. Oh, and one last thing: We don’t penalize you for paying early. If you want to pay in larger amounts to shorten your loan term, you’re more than welcome.

So, what are you waiting for? You can invest in land right now!