Graduation Parties on the Farm

Graduation Students Celebrating


Graduation season (May/June) is a great time to host an outdoor party. But with a graduation theme, and keeping in mind the age of the guest of honor, what are some things you should plan for graduation party? And now that you have plenty of acreage with your new farm, how should you fill that space?


Nothing is a bigger deal at graduation than the year. Face it, your student has had this year in his sights for a long time. Now that it’s finally here, he wants to celebrate it! Make sure you have it prominently displayed wherever possible. You should be able to find balloons with the year’s digits to make a primary focal point, along with balloons of the school’s colors as well. Looking to enhance your new country home? Add decorations with burlap or fresh flowers. Guests will be jealous of fresh country life you now get to have.

Be sure to have a table that is set to collect the gifts that will surely accompany your guests. The table should have a box or bucket (wouldn’t a galvanized tin bucket or a milk jug be quaint?) to collect what will mostly be cards with money, but make sure there is also room for the bigger, non-monetary gifts.


Another benefit to farm life is the availability of fresh produce. Serve your new crops straight up or add them to salsas or salads. Have animals on your farm? The icing on your cake will be unbeatable with fresh cream. And who doesn’t love deviled eggs? They’re even better with farm-fresh chicken eggs. Looking for a fun theme to use with a different kind of snack? Have everyone bring a batch of their favorite cookies to add to a “Smart Cookie” table.


What do your guests do when they are there? Here’s where having a huge yard really comes into play. Chances are there will be plenty of young people (and some who are young at heart), so having games available is a must. With the amount of space you have, you can set up plenty of outdoor party favorites, such as corn hole, lawn darts, badminton, and more!

Beyond that, there are a few staples that need to be set up at your party. Be sure to have a photo booth with plenty of props for all the selfies that need to be taken. You’ve no doubt got a beautiful natural backdrop for it. Also, those who are not involved in playing games can keep themselves busy by writing down advice for the future for your graduate. This can be done on a poster or any number of other creative ways. Another favorite is the memory jar. Especially geared to others who went to school with your graduate, they can take a little trip down memory lane to enjoy the best days of school all over again.

What a great excuse a graduation is to throw a party outside. If you are ready for graduation but looking for that big farm space to host a backyard bash, maybe it’s time to check out Hurdle to get your property for $295 down now. We have lots of property for sale in Carroll County, Georgia, and many other states. We finance owners in-house to simplify the process.