Georgia Land For Sale by Owner - Own Land Today!


Do you have dreams and goals of owning your own property in the beautiful state of Georgia? With a diverse range of things to see and experience, from the beaches of the east coast to mountains and skiing in the northwest, land for sale by owner in Georgia may just be your dream come true!

Why Buy in Georgia?

With natural beauty, natural resources, a rich history, and many diverse recreational and vacation opportunities, Georgia is the perfect state to purchase land for sale. And, as one of the fastest growing states in the nation, development pressures are growing every year therefore making land a very wise investment strategy. Georgia is very landowner friendly, and with properties available in the remote wilderness or closer to populated areas has property available for sale to fit every need.

Nature and farmland abound in Georgia! On the west side of the state, the Southern rivers area, you can relax and enjoy the feeling of being away from it all where farming and recreational activities abound. The north offers mountains, skiing, and remote locations for perfect off-the-grid living. To the west, Georgia’s coastal areas are one of the few left in the country with still-undeveloped property. Historic south Georgia is peaceful and with many farming opportunities. Game and wildlife are plentiful for watching, enjoying, and hunting, and fishing is great! The center of the state has many scenic country roads and property sites.

And city life, job opportunities, sports and education are also plentiful! The Capital city of Atlanta has the big little city feel, and with three major sports teams in the NFL Falcons, MLB Braves, and NBA Hawks, there’s something for just about everyone to enjoy. Plus, with University of Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (not to mention all the other top quality schools at both high school and college levels), not only are educational opportunities plentiful, so are good old fashioned rivalries.

Own Your Own Georgia Land!

Vacant land is less expensive in many ways than developed land, which puts property ownership in reach of more people. Purchase cost and therefore mortgage and monthly payments are much lower, as are maintenance and taxes. Value increases, making land ownership not only personally satisfying in many ways, but also financially sound in the long run. And with owner financed land, not only are monthly payments that fit any budget available, you will have less fees and costs associated with closing on and gaining ownership of your property. Without inflexible mandates on requirements such as income, employment, and downpayments just to name a few, you can be living your dream instead of dealing with the frustrations of banks and conventional lenders. And with undeveloped property, you can make any dream a reality, from building a home, living off-the-grid, growing crops, enjoying nature and recreational opportunities--the sky's the limit!

When you’re ready to purchase your own owner-financed plots of land in the beautiful state of Georgia, contact Hurdle Land and Realty to learn more about our land for sale, our financing process and how we can help you find the perfect Georgia plots available for purchase to suit your needs!