Find a Family Farm to Own Before Summer Arrives

Find a Family Farm to Own Before Summer Arrives


Find a Family Farm to Own Before Summer Arrives

Have you made that decision? The decision to exchange your busy, go-go-go life for a life of fresh air and hands-on work? Then you are now in search of a country farm for sale. In order to make that dream a reality before summer, you’d better know what you’re looking for.


1. Know Where You’re Going

Does it matter to you how far you have to go to find the perfect place for your farm? At Hurdle, we have many lots that cover territory across five different states. If you live in Georgia, are you willing to move as far away as Kentucky, or do you prefer to stay local? Our best recommendation is to take a look at the properties near you and see what you think. If you’re dreaming of something different, you might want to consider taking a little road trip.

2. Know What You’re Doing

What’s your goal for your family farm? Are you looking to grow peanuts or watermelon? Pecans, cantaloupe and honeydew melons as well? Then you might want to look at farms in Georgia? If you’re looking to grow beans, greens, cabbage, or peppers, you might want to think about starting a farm in Alabama. The point is, you need to do your research to know what you’re looking for in the land you want. Know what you want to do, and the best kind of place to do it.

3. Know How Much You Want

Everyone has to start with a budget. Our farms are sold by total property price, not by acreage with a standard down payment of $295. And while the final cash price may look intimidating, the monthly payments are much more reasonable. Depending on how much land you need and where it’s located, you’ll be looking at different prices. We have plenty properties of different sizes, so feel free to shop around until you find the perfect place to fit your budget.

4. Know Where to Get It

This one’s easy because you’re already here. Having found Hurdle, we can talk to you about the needs you decided upon above.  We don’t have salespeople to breathe down your neck, but we are here to answer your questions. We can find the lot that’s just right for you to start your family farm this summer.


So, what’s keeping you from living your dream out on your own farm within the next few months? At Hurdle, we can turn that dream into your new homestead.