Easy DIY Halloween Decorations


Ahhh, the cooler temperatures of fall are coming quickly. And what helps us get in the mood for this autumn weather? The promise of great fall activities that generally start in October. We are given the entire month of October to get psyched up for Halloween – the most autumny holiday of all. Now, suppose you have just purchased your rural land in Georgia. In that case, you are probably excited to start decorating your cozy little home. What can make those decorations just perfect for your country home? Making them yourself, using materials gathered from your spacious new backyard! Here are a few ideas for the Halloween decorations that you can quickly put together yourself.


Take advantage of the pumpkins that have just sprouted in your garden! Jack-o-lanterns are a lot of fun, but they don’t last very long. Painted or sculpted pumpkins last longer and can be less messy. Carved pumpkins can be beautiful or terrifying, depending on your choice, but they usually require a pattern. However, painting your pumpkins gives you the control to match your current décor with the colors and styles you choose.

However, if you want to carve them with intricate designs, you can make it last a little longer by prepping it before setting it outside.


You probably don’t want any more of that fake, cottony, tear-apart spider webbing that people tend to throw all over their bushes. But there is a way to make fun-looking spider webs more tastefully. After gathering sticks from your yard, you can tie them into a star pattern with string or twine. Continue wrapping the string or twine around the sticks to look like a web, making sure to place enough space between each row. Include fake spiders that could be made from painted mini pumpkins, balloons, or Styrofoam balls.


How about a discrete centerpiece that adds a little spook while still being elegant enough to be classy? Gather some twiggy branches from the trees on your property. You can choose to paint the branches black or leave them au natural. Then, attach small cutouts of bats from black paper. Arrange in clear bottles and leave on tables or near doors.


More than just the presence of witches, the evidence of possible witches nearby can be even scarier. You probably have at least one broom (straw brooms make the best effect) lying around from all the sweeping you do in your new country home. Make use of it to suggest the appearance of a sorceress nearby. Make the brooms visible by hanging them on your front door.

After you have chosen the decorations that get you excited, you might want to make sure that it fits the décor of your new home in Georgia. Still, looking for that perfect little rural land to put that home? You’re in luck! There’s plenty of land for sale from Hurdle Land and Realty. Get in touch with us now, so you have time to get ready for Halloween.