Buying Land: By Owner Vs. By Real Estate Agent


Whether you’re looking for a solid investment or a place to call home, buying land is always a solid option. As an investment, you never have to worry about dealing with things like repairs or tenants and the many options you have for the long and short term of owning land can open a whole new world for you as a property owner. When you’re buying land to settle your family, the land becomes a blank canvas for you to create and build the house of your dreams.

Once you’ve decided to purchase land, for whatever reason, the next big question is “How?”. Should you go through a real estate company or just make an agreement with the owner of the property? This is a pretty important question to answer for yourself before you even start looking.

Forget Playing Phone Tag

The best thing you can do when deciding whether to deal with the property owner yourself or to go through a company is to write down the pros and cons of each. For example, one benefit of going through a real estate agent is the added experience they will bring to the table. However, getting in touch with your agent can sometimes be an exercise in futility and often leads to a game of Phone Tag via voicemails. When you deal with the property owner directly, they’re usually so motivated to sell that they’ll answer every time you call.

Customized Purchase Options

One of the biggest benefits of dealing directly with the owner of that piece of land you’ve got your eye on is that your options are endless when it comes to how much money you have to put down and even monthly payment options. In most cases, when you go through a company, you have to abide by what they say without any consideration to your specific financial situation. There is no gray area with those big real estate companies, only black and white.

And speaking of beneficial financial options that come through purchasing land through the owner is that you won’t have to go through that dreaded credit check. Some companies won’t even talk to you without putting you and your hard-fought credit score through a hard inquiry. With us, not only do you get the amazing benefit of needing absolutely ZERO down but we also don’t require a credit check!

Some may say the risk is greater by dealing directly with the owner of the property, but it all comes down to what you feel is best for you. With an agent you will have the added benefit of experience, but you’ll also have to pay extra for their fees and commission. You won’t have the added guidance of an agent if you go directly through the property owner, but you won’t have commission, credit checks, and countless hours of chasing them down like you might with an agent. So before you decide which way you want to go when buying land, take a few minutes and ponder the points we’ve laid out for you. It could save you a lot of time and stress in the long run!