Buying Land and Other New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year's resolutions is a time-honored tradition of setting goals and intentions for the upcoming year. The practice as we know it today traces back as far as 4,000 years, changing and developing over time. Today's tradition looks a bit different for each of us; whether it's the celebration of beginning anew, voicing intentions, or making this "the year," we can all appreciate a good resolution. But it's those big life goals that can inspire excitement and motivation. And that means many of us are setting goals this year like reconnecting with ourselves, getting started in the ideal career, or buying land and building our dream home.  

With all that said, we've all had or heard of those failed resolutions, the ones where you start them and quickly lose steam. So how can we avoid the pitfalls and make sure we see our resolutions through to their completion?  

Be Practical 

All too often, we see what we want, the ribbon at the end of the race, and we make that our resolution. But if we're being realistic, it takes many steps to achieve that ultimate prize at the finish line. Just like an athlete practices and stretches before sprinting down the track, so should we consider the steps it will take to see dreams come to fruition.  

Plan in Advance 

Once you've identified the steps you'll need to take, start a plan. Outline the things you need to accomplish and create achievable milestones through the year. Maybe this year's resolution is buying land in a beautiful rural area. It can be overwhelming when you begin; following a plan will keep you organized and moving forward. By planning ahead of time, you set yourself up to succeed no matter what you run into.  

Enjoy the Process 

It's easy to think of the necessary steps as a chore, red tape, or a hurdle to jump in pursuit of your dream. Changing the way you view those steps can help keep you motivated and successful. Treat yourself when you reach your planned milestones; it will keep the process fun and fresh, giving you something attainable to work towards.  

Hold Yourself Accountable 

Accountability comes in many ways; some may prefer to chronicle their journey on social media, while others choose to privately journal instead. Sharing your successes and setbacks can keep you from slipping into old habits or putting off unpleasant tasks. Keeping some record of things will also give you something to look back on when you need a reminder of how far you've come. 

With the new year comes a sense of refreshing, a touch of beginnings, and all of the hope and resolve to try new things. Don't let past struggles with keeping your resolution stop you from trying again. With every set back we learn and grow, pushing us closer to our goals. For more information on how you can start your journey towards having your dream home out in rural Georgia on Milledgeville land, contact us today