Build a New Life on Your Family Farm This Summer


You saw the sign advertising undeveloped land for sale. Farming, fresh air, and being your own boss has been your dream forever, and it’s about to come true. You built your farm, and now it’s time to build your life.


Now what?


        Get Ready to Work

It’s no secret that farm life involves a lot of dirt and sweat. You probably already know about the early hours spent tending to crops and livestock. But there may be other parts of the job you hadn’t thought of. Beyond taking care of what you’re growing, you need to maintain WHERE they are growing—the ground, the barn, etc. And don’t forget the upkeep of your own home, though of course, you’ll have this no matter where you live.


However, if being outdoors all day (or most of the day) on your own schedule is your dream, you have probably stumbled upon the right job for you.


        Get Ready for Family

You can’t do it all on your own. Of course, if your farm gets big enough, you may have to hire some extra help. But until then, those who live under your roof and eat the food you grow may need to play a part in getting it to the table.


Again, work is just one side of the coin. Spending time together on the farm means having the same schedule, so you can plan your recreational activities together too.


        Get Ready for Fresh, Organic Food

Probably the best bonus of all is knowing where your food comes from. Organic food at the grocery store may cost more than you want to spend, but you can’t beat the health benefits. And what’s better than being the consumer of the fruit of your own labor? If your only reason for having a farm is to grow your own food, you are still making out best in the end.


       Get Ready for a Longer Life

Eating well is one part of the story, but with all your physical labor, your health will see that added bonus as well. No need for a Fitbit to track your activity—you’ll be moving plenty! More activity and healthy food will lead to a strong heart and much more. When you work hard, you often sleep well, which also can add years to your life. Get ready to stay as active as your grandkids!


If you’ve never considered taking undeveloped land and turning it into a farm, it might be time to consider the benefits you’d reap. Contact your Hurdle Land & Realty agent to find out more.