Activities for Winter on the Farm


Activities for Winter on the Farm


One of the best things about the new property you just bought for your farm is all the space your kids will have to play. And even better, they can play year-round if you know exactly how to use your space with them, especially in those Southern states where kids can spend even more time outdoors in the winter, but you still may see some snow. Try these for starters.


Snow-ish activities

            Go for a Sleigh Ride – So, maybe Georgia doesn’t get as much snow as the North, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still bundle up and go for a sleigh ride. Just hitch the horses to the wagon, toss some blankets on the seats, and explore your Georgia farmland as a family.

            Ice Painting– Even if the weather doesn’t get cold enough to freeze the water outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day of ice painting. Freeze a block of ice in some Tupperware, turn it out on a plate, grab some watercolor paints, and let the imaginations run as wild as the colors do.


Nature Activities

            Make a Birdfeeder– Help out your feather friends! Worms and other insects that make up the diet of some of your local avians have long been hibernating. Building them a birdfeeder not only helps them get a take out dinner, but it makes it easy for you to see which birds are sharing your space.

            Try Ice Fishing– If fishing is a favorite activity of your kids, try a new twist. Not only will you not broil in the hot summer sun, but there shouldn’t be any bugs to annoy you as you fish. Before heading out onto the ice, however, make sure the ice is sturdy enough to support everyone.

            Track an Animal– One of the great things about nature is the mystery it holds. When it isn’t winter, you may have no idea what animals have been traipsing across your backyard. But now, you can follow their footprints (at a safe distance, of course) to see who your visitors have been. Be sure to take a camera so you can get some good shots!


Camping Ideas

            Bundle Up in a Tent– Sleeping under the stars in the winter isn’t for everyone, but with the right sleeping bags, you can stay snug as a bug. You may not even sleep that well after seeing that invigorating view.

            Go for a Hike– Bring snowshoes or skis if you need them. Or just go out to explore what nature has covered, or left uncovered. Try not to disturb anyone who may be sleeping!

            Make a Bonfire– At the end of a long day playing, you may or may not need some extra warmth, but who’s going to say no to some s’mores by the fire?



You can rest easily now that you know your kids won’t be couch potatoes this winter. All they need is a big back yard and their imagination. Don’t think you have enough room for all that fun? See all the affordable properties Hurdle has for sale today! Now may be the perfect time to purchase your farm. Bring your own imagination.