7 Tips for Landscaping on a Budget

landscaping on a budget

After the purchase of a large plot of land, you may be at a loss for what to do with all that space. This is especially difficult if your new property has drained your bank account. Instead of waiting until you’ve built up some more cash reserves to start your landscaping projects, you can use some of these ideas for landscaping on a budget.

Plant Perennials

The easiest way to save money on the flowers you plant is to choose perennials that will return every year. The initial outlay is higher, but once the flowers are planted, your work (and spending) is done.

There are dozens of perennials to choose from, too. Flowering bushes, ground cover flowers, and climbing plants can be mixed together for a dynamic and beautiful outdoor space.

Save on Water

There is no reason to use your water hose unless rain has been scarce. By collecting water in a rain barrel, you can avoid paying for water throughout the year. You get bonus points if you can incorporate the barrel into your landscape design. A rustic and storied barrel will add depth and interest to your garden.

Use Containers

Delicate plants aren’t easy to keep. When temperatures get too hot or too cold, you could lose a whole section of your garden. That’s why planting those delicate flowers and plants in containers is a great idea. When extreme weather threatens, you can simply cart the planters inside.

Buying brand new containers can be expensive, so visit flea markets and thrift stores to seek out unique and beautiful pots. In addition to saving lots of money, you’ll add true character to your garden.

Visit Junk Stores

Some of the most breathtaking landscaping schemes feature more than flowers. A visit to the junk store could net you some incredible conversation pieces. How about a worn section of fencing, or some antique doors to create “walls” for more definition? You may find outdoor chandeliers to bring light to your creation after the sun goes down.

The possibilities really are endless. Visit several to see what options are available. Then go home and plan out your landscaping. This way you won’t buy items you’ll never end up using. Your end result will be very affordable and also quite breathtaking.

Collect Stones

Purchasing stones from the local hardware store can quickly get expensive. Instead, consider visiting local construction sites to collect the stones they dig up when laying foundations. You could hit the jackpot and carry home more than you need. Also, local rivers and creeks could offer up beautiful smooth stones that could become the focal point of your garden.

Add a Portable Fire Pit

A built-in fire pit is all the rage right now, but they’re definitely costly. Instead of digging to the bottom of your budget for a permanent pit right now, consider a smaller portable version. These can cost less than $100, if you know where to look. In fact, some of the junk and thrift stores you visit when seeking out collectibles might just have an affordable fire pit.

Go Wild

If structure and clean lines just aren’t you, consider spreading wildflower seeds through much of your available land. You’ll get the gorgeous colors during spring, summer, and fall. Wildflowers are perennials, too, so you don’t have to replace them every year. Sure, the overall effect will be wild and free, but it will also be beautiful. And that’s the real goal, isn’t it?

If you’re ready to create a backyard oasis, you might need the back yard first. Hurdle Land and Realty makes purchasing large plots of land easier than ever. Your dreams of living wild and free, surrounded by flowers and trees, is just a call away.