5 Ways to Get OffGrid Internet


5 Ways to Get Off-Grid Internet

Living off-grid is all about disconnecting from the busy world around you and reconnecting with nature. Sometimes, though, it can get a little lonely with no connection to outside society. Maybe you'll just miss browsing memes on the internet.  

If the off-grid life sounds appealing, but you still want access to the online world, don't fret. There are several options available for rural properties outside of traditional internet service. Here are five ways to get internet while living off-grid.  

Cell Phone 

Cell phones are incredibly versatile tools when living off-grid. If you prefer limited internet time to check the weather, answer messages, and browse the news, you only need a medium-sized data plan. If you like your screen time, bump it to an unlimited data plan if your cell service provider offers it.  

If you have a remote job or are prone to doing a lot of work online, consider a data plan with a mobile hotspot. A hotspot will allow you to connect your laptop to your phone to get your job done at home. Just make sure that the off-grid property you're looking at has a cell signal before purchase.  

Cell Phone Signal Boosters 

If your property has a poor cell signal, it can be hard to do data-heavy activities like streaming or video calls. In that case, try a cell signal booster. The booster will include an outdoor antenna pointed at the closest cell tower, which connects to a signal booster through a cable. The signal booster will run to the indoor antenna, which can connect to your phone to raise the number of bars you get. You'll be watching your favorite Netflix shows in no time! 

Fixed Wireless Broadband  

This option is only available in some places, but some private companies have installed big antennas throughout rural areas. Sign up for fixed wireless broadband service, and you can have a smaller antenna placed at your house that will run to your very own WiFi router. Unfortunately, this method can result in pretty slow internet most of the time.  

Satellite Internet 

Satellite internet is another relatively slow option, but it will work in a pinch. Satellite is only offered in certain areas by certain providers, so research first. If you don't have much cell service at your property, this might be the option for you. Luckily, companies are working on faster satellite internet options right now. 

Out of Home 

When all else fails, plan a weekly trip to a coffee shop or a McDonald's in town. It's not the easiest or most convenient method, but if you're not a big internet fan and want to catch up on the essentials, this will work for you. Check the weather forecast for the next week and write it down, catch up on this week's news, and say hello to all your friends and family over text. It's just like running any other errand! 


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