5 Things You Can Do with Your Owner-Financed Land

Real Estate – it’s where all the smart people are putting their money right now. It’s a stable investment that rarely depreciates, and it’s one way to possibly continue making a profit on top of your original investment through rental. Rural property has an even greater chance of building profits if you plant, harvest, and sell from the land. Owner financing gets you to those profits more quickly.

Suppose you are in no hurry, however. Maybe you are looking to have your own piece of owner financed land for your own personal space. It’s still an investment to be sure, but there’s no reason to get rid of it before you enjoy it a little first. Maybe you have one of these in mind.

1. Make a Secret Getaway

If you are an urban dweller, a little place out in the country might be all you need to recharge after an especially taxing day, week, or season at the office. Sometimes,

just knowing you have a place you can retreat to if needed is enough. It can be your place for DIY projects that take your mind off work, or even just the place to go when you want to kick back and not think at all.

2. Retire Early

You don’t have to go to a retirement home when you’ve decided to pare down and sell your home. After the kids are grown, it might be time to do something for you. What is more invigorating than waking up to breathe in the fresh country air? If you set up a little house in the country now, it could be all ready to become your primary residence when the time comes.

3. Give an Excellent Wedding Present

What can you give that special couple that will tell them you wish them the best? A start off on the right foot. One of the biggest bills newly married couples face is their mortgage. With owner financed land, they can be debt free from their property a lot faster. Give them the down payment for the plot to get them started. (Keep in mind a few steps you need to take to do this legally.)

4. Live Off the Land

Since there are no closing costs or other bank fees with owner financed property, you can use those savings to buy what you need to farm the land you have. This could be your opportunity to get healthy and eat more fruits and veggies. You could even go the extra mile and raise a few animals. Watch that cholesterol drop!

5. Fix It Up And Sell It

If you are a home flipper, this opportunity could be exactly what you needed – a fresh start. There is nothing to break down, like you would have from an existing home. There’s no mold or vermin to remove. No mess at all! Your only challenge is preparing the land, making it livable, and constructing the house.

What are you dreaming of doing with your owner financed land? It’s a dream waiting to come true. Hurdle Reality has plenty of available plots right in the place you were hoping to be. So, pick yours out, set up your best life, and then be sure to pass it on to the next person for the price that accounts for the work you’ve put into it. It can all happen right now. Call Hurdle today.