4 Tips for Protecting Your Property from Wildfires

4 Tips for Protecting your property from wildfires


4 Tips for Protecting Your Property from Wildfires

As good old Smokey Bear always says, “only YOU can stop wildfires.” If your home is unlucky enough to be in the path of a wildfire, you probably won’t be able to stop the fire. But there’s a lot you can do to protect your home from it. 

Wildfires ravage approximately 1 million acres yearly in the Southeastern United States. If you live right next to a forest or in a tight-knit rural community, your home is at risk. Here are four tips for protecting your property from wildfires. 

Build a Fire-Resistant Home 

If you’re building or renovating a house, now’s the time to ensure you use fire-resistant materials. If not, consider updating your home. 

The best materials to construct a resistant roof are metal, tile, or asphalt shingles. If you already have wooden shingles, purchase some fire retardant to cover your roof. Consider fire-resistant wall coverings as well. 

Keep Fire Out of Your Home 

Just because the outside of your house is relatively inflammable doesn’t mean the inside is. Prevent embers and sparks from entering your home by covering exterior vents with ⅛ inch hardware cloth and installing fire blocks. Tempered glass or double-paned windows are less likely to break in high temperatures. 

Remove Debris 

Clear out your gutters, porch, and sides of your house. Dead leaves, foliage, pine needles, sticks, and other debris will pile around your home over time, making the perfect kindling for a fire. Make it a point to frequently clean up all this dry debris, especially during fire season. 

Create Defensible Space 

Creating a defensible space of about 30 feet around your home is generally recommended. However, some suggest protecting up to 100 feet if you live in an especially wildfire-prone area. 

Avoid plants and flammable mulch for the first 5 feet around your house. Do not store things like gasoline under your porch. For the next 30-100 feet, keep ample space between shrubs and trees, with at least 10 feet between each tree crown. Always remember to clean up flammable debris around your house! 

Be Careful with Fire

It may seem obvious, but be extremely careful when working with fire on your property. Whether you’re burning old foliage, having a family campfire, or simply grilling in your backyard, monitor weather conditions before starting a fire. Avoid those activities in dry or windy weather. Always keep water sources on hand when you are burning. For campfires, pour at least two buckets of water on the ashes while stirring to snuff the embers out entirely. 


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