4 Family Fun Activities to Enjoy on Your New Farm

4 Family Fun Activities to Enjoy on Your New Farm

Now that you’ve finally decided to ditch the city for an all natural life on the farm, you may be starting to think about all the fun things you can do. Outdoor activity options can be limited when you live within the city limits or somewhere with a lot of neighbors. There usually isn’t very much room for activities! Also, given this day and age, parents are often pretty wary about sending their kids outside to play due to safety concerns. You can remedy all those worries by moving out to the country.

We’ve put together a few fun activities you can enjoy with your family on your new farm!

Tractor Rides

Just take a look at all the events and activities scheduled around Halloween and Thanksgiving that involve a tractor ride. It’s a fun, yet safe and slow paced way to give the kids and other family members a tour of your new property. There’s not much to it, just add a flatbed trailer to your tractor and load up! You’ll be able to provide entertainment for your friends and family while also showing off your farm!

Petting Zoo

We’re not suggesting you turn your family farm into a tourist attraction. Rather, set up a small pen with some animals like pygmy goats, llamas, chickens, and other fun creatures. Your kids will learn responsibility when you have them help out with feeding and caring for them, but they’ll also actually get to enjoy them as well. Petting zoos are a great place for kids to come face to face with nature and learn about animals.

Build Your Own Mini-Farm

This option, of course, is for the little ones. Get them outside on a pretty day with a bunch of used cardboard, paints, colored duct tape, and a whole lot of creativity and let them go! They can feel like they’re building their very own farm, just like mommy and daddy while also being physical, using their hands and minds, and creating something they can play with every day.

Plant a Garden

A big benefit of having your own farm is having plenty of land to plant a garden, providing you and your family with a virtually unlimited supply of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Have the kids help with digging holes, placing seeds, and helping with the watering. You can even have them color signs to post next to each plant to show what they are. Once they see what their hard work has done once it’s time to harvest, you may be amazed at how often they’ll offer to help with other things in the future!

If you’ve ever dreamed of providing this type of life for your kids, get in touch with us. No matter what your budget may be, we can help you find the right plot of land that has the option of owner financing directly through us. We can handle all your questions and guide you to your own little slice of farm heaven.