3 Spooky Tips for a Homestead Halloween

3 Spooky Tips for a Homestead Halloween

Somewhat like Christmas, Halloween is a magical time of year. However, unlike Christmas it’s magical in a completely different way. You can still have the twinkling lights and see the sense of wonder in a child’s eyes but instead of Christmas trees and snowflakes, it’s more spider webs and costumes. While there are plenty of Halloween events to be found in the city, the best place for a truly spooky Halloween is out in the country. And we’ve got a few tips to help you turn your homestead into a Halloween wonderland for all ages.

Spooky Scarecrow

Think about all the things that can scare you out in the country. There’s one thing that often stands out and has been feared enough to be used in scary movies since we were kids: scarecrows. There’s something about a humanoid shape hanging out in the middle of nowhere that can spook anyone’s imagination. Having a good spooky scarecrow at the entrance of your homestead is a great way to start a party. One of the creepiest scarecrows we’ve seen looks pretty easy to make with twigs and small branches easily found around your very own property. Just lay them out in the size and shape you prefer, add a long ragged coat and a floppy farmers hat before setting it up with the arms outstretched and you’re set.

Spooky Eats

Every party needs food, and for any other occasion the usual party dishes would do just fine. However, this is Halloween we’re talking about. This is where a penchant for spooky things and a good creative mind can come in handy and it’s also a great way to get the kids involved. Luckily there are plenty of Halloween themed recipes to put out for your homestead Halloween party.

You can easily whip up some Rice Krispie Treat Mummies with just three ingredients. Take a few snack-size Rice Krispie treats, melt some white chocolate chips to dip them in before drizzling mummy wrapping on top, add eyes with black edible gel or icing, and voilà!

How about putting a spooky spin on the old fashioned candy apple? With a little black gel paste food coloring, you can turn a tasty apple into a Poison Candy Apple pretty easily. The majority of the preparation is the same as usual candy apples; just add the black gel food coloring after melting the sugar, water, and corn syrup to create a black candied glaze to dip the apples in.

Safe AND Spooky

One of the most important things to remember around Halloween is safety. Kids love to run around in the dark with costumes and masks on hunting treats while teenagers are often running around with their bag of tricks being reckless. Having a Halloween party on your own property is a good way to keep everyone contained and entertained, but you still have to remember safety.

The most important thing for kids on Halloween is gathering candy from every house they can. However, out in rural areas it’s not feasible to send your kids door to door since the neighbors are often pretty far apart. You can resolve this by setting up booths around your property with someone handing out candy and treats at each one! If you have fun activities like bobbing for apples or hayrides for the kiddos, they’ll be able to have all the fun they need in one place without worrying about traffic or other outside negative influences.

If Halloween tends to be too stressful for you living in the city with all the shenanigans that tend to happen once the sun goes down, maybe you should consider finding your own little slice of homestead Heaven. Let us help you sort through all the available homestead land for sale in Georgia and before you know it you’ll be planning your very own Homestead Halloween!