3 Rural Activities to Do in Tennessee Before School Starts

3 Rural Activities to Do in Tennessee Before School Starts

Kids only get two months, if that, to enjoy time away from all the reading, writing, and arithmetic they endure during the school year. It should come as no surprise that they have a lot of pent up energy they’re just dying to expel before they have to start a new school year. As their parents, it’s our responsibility to provide them with entertainment without just sending them off to their rooms to play video games. This becomes all the more difficult for families that live in rural areas without all the museums, amusement parks, and other entertainment offerings found in the big city.

We’ve put together a list of several ideas that you can do with your kids in the rural areas of Tennessee before it’s time to send them back off to school.

Build a Playhouse

This is an activity that may seem like hard work when you initially think about it, but it can be a great way to get the kids involved with creating something they can use for years. There are plenty of DIY plans out there that you can go through with your kids to find the perfect one for your playhouse project. You can show them how to apply the math they learn in school to building and creating something fun while also seeing the sense of accomplishment they feel once all their hard work is done and their new playhouse is finished.

Plant a Garden

There are two ways you could go with a garden, and you may consider going with both options. Ask your kids what their favorite vegetables are and let them help you get a garden started. They’ll be able to watch their hard work sprout over the summer months while also enjoying the fruits of their labor, so to speak. Additionally, your plot of heaven out in Tennessee could be made all the more beautiful by planting a garden filled with beautiful wildflowers they can pick to make bouquets or to attract butterflies for the kids to chase.

Obstacle Course

Now, stay with us here. We’re not talking about the kind of obstacle course you see on American Ninja Warrior, but rather a much more watered down version. There are so many different types of DIY obstacle courses you could set up that no matter what your kids are into, they’ll be entertained for the rest of the summer. From water obstacle courses to spy training and even balloons and crawling courses, there is a backyard obstacle course plan out there for you and your entire family.

The good part about rural Tennessee is the wide open spaces offering plenty of room to run and privacy to enjoy the hard work you and your kids put into every activity you give them. If you’re not lucky enough to have your own slice of heaven, there is plenty of Tennessee acreage for sale out there for you to choose from. And with owner financing, you could be well on your way to starting all the above mentioned projects with plenty of time before school starts!