3 Famous Homesteaders To Inspire You


For many, the word homesteading brings to mind visions of The Little House on the Prairie, which probably isn’t too far from the truth. Except, homesteading has become hip, which means people everywhere are moving to the country, learning the skills of our forefathers, and living off the land. And they blog about it.

Some of the homesteaders have made pretty big impressions—to the point that many would consider them celebrities. If you’re a rural-living enthusiast, or just like to produce your own food, you’ve probably heard of these famous homesteaders.

Ree Drummond  - The Pioneer Woman

Perhaps the most famous of the “farm girl” bloggers, Ree Drummond didn’t start out with intentions to become a homesteader. She was on the fast track to a Journalism career in Chicago. Then, like something out of a romance novel, she met Ladd Drummond—the man she calls her Marlboro Man—and never looked back.

Instead of writing for the Chicago Tribune, Ree now writes her famous blog, ThePioneerWoman.com, and shares tidbits about life on the farm. With anecdotes about farming, gardening, cooking, crafts, and homeschooling, Ree’s blog reaches more than 20 million readers every month.

Shannon Hayes – The Radical Homemaker

Shannon Hayes isn’t your ordinary homesteader, either. With degrees in sustainable agriculture and community development from Cornell, Shannon obviously knows homesteading in theory. Her time on her parents’ farm, Sap Bush Hollow, in upstate New York ensured she’d know rural living in practice, too.

Her blog, TheRadicalHomemaker.net, shares tips, tricks, and anecdotes about farm life. Readers can also find specialized products such as yarn, homemade soaps, reminder magnets for the kitchen, and many more. This is one homesteader who’s made a living of teaching others how to enjoy rural life.

Victoria Gazely – Modern Homesteading

ModernHomesteading.ca is a little less flashy than the previous two celebrity homesteaders, but it’s still filled with all the tips and tricks you’ll need to learn how to live in the country. Ms. Gazely shares the results of experiments, such as her “3 Weeks Without Groceries” endeavor, to help new homesteaders learn what really works.

There’s also a section on the website that explains how to start homesteading from the ground up. If you’re considering a new rural living experiment, this is a great place to start. Learn how to grow your own food, create your own clothes, and even live without a refrigerator. With her tips, you’ll be able to take everything at your own pace.

Are you ready to embrace rural living yet? Who knows? Maybe you could be the next celebrity homesteader. You can start by purchasing rural land in South Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia, because you need a homestead to become a homesteader, right?