15 Farm Chores You Should Have on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

15 Farm Chores You Should Have on Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

By Hurdle Land & Realty


There’s nothing quite like springtime on the farm. The sun shines brighter, the flowers bloom, and the farm animals get excited. The spring weather brings endless possibilities (and endless chores). 

But before you jump into all the regular responsibilities of farm life, take some time to tidy up your farm with some spring cleaning. Now is the time to freshen everything up that you have yet to have the time to work on. Set aside a week to work on these 15 spring cleaning chores before things heat up. 

In the Barn 

1. The first order of business is to work on any repairs you’ve been putting off! Spring is a great time to start fresh and make your barn brand new. Switch your door handles or change the dim light bulbs in the barn. Whatever you haven’t had the time to do before, do it now. 

2. Repaint your barn walls! Chances are you haven’t gotten around to sprucing up the farm in a long time. It’s crazy how much a new paint job can brighten a place up.

3. Sweep your floors. Barn floors build up a lot of hay, dirt, and feces over time. Although you should definitely be sweeping more frequently than once a year, take the time to deep clean your floors (and even replace them if needed!). Don’t forget the chicken coop and other little buildings around the farm.

4. Clear out old junk. We bet that your barn is full of broken equipment, expired feed, and random knickknacks. Use spring cleaning as an excuse to finally clear out everything you don’t need anymore. Your barn will look a lot tidier. 

5. Check for insect or rodent damage. You don’t want any pests creating more chores for you. Look around your barn and other buildings and ensure you don’t have any pest problems. If you do, nip that in the bud. 

6. Clean your gutters. Clear out those drain ways on both your barn and your house! Fall and winter debris can clog them up big time. 

7. Scrub down your machinery. Whether it’s simple tools like your hoes and shovels or bigger machinery like your tractor, make sure you give them a good wash before using them again.

In the Fields

8. Repair your fences. Do a walk-through of your property, checking all fencing, buildings, and land for problems. 

9. Add gravel to driveways and walkways. The elements can wash gravel out, so be sure to maintain smooth pathways for your tractors and trucks.

10. Pick up sticks and fallen tree branches. Spring thunderstorms can leave your fields littered with sticks and tree limbs, preventing mowing and plant growth. 

11. Work on your truck. Your good old vehicle deserves some fixin’ up too! Give it an oil change, switch out its headlights, and vacuum the inside. 

12. Pull weeds. We know it’s no fun, but it has to be done!

13. Flip your compost. Always remember to flip it regularly, but go ahead and take some out to start spreading around the garden. Then, add some more plant debris and food scraps to replenish your supply!

14. Scrub feed bins and water buckets. You don’t want to feed your animals dirt and rotten scraps, so keep their plates clean. 

15. Groom your dog. Man’s best friend has been your farming companion since day one! Take a little time to bathe your pup and do some trimming and grooming. 


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