Why Should I live in Jasper County?

Are you looking to move somewhere quieter? Do you want to look up and see the stars every night? Is your home getting drowned by ambulance alarms, revving vehicles, and bright lights? Jasper County Georgia is the perfect place to plant your family roots, listen to the harmonious sound of nature, and gaze at the stars. Jasper County offers a lot to our potential customers, but here’s why it’s one of our favorite counties! 


Jasper County features a primary school, elementary, middle, and high schools so all of your children will feel at home all through their schooling. Your kids can expect smaller class sizes which promotes one on one attention. All schools have received a three stars or more from greatschools.org.  


Home to Monticello and Shady Dale, this county offers you the unique opportunity to experience rural living without losing the chance to head into the city for prime restaurants, shops, and family health care. If you don’t feel like traveling to the city, Jasper County is home to some of the most beautiful landscape to explore. 
For more active families Jasper County has some great hiking trails at its very own wildlife center. Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center Trails offers amazing views with the chance to see a diverse array of wildlife. Of course with the rich history of the area it is not common to find an old trail or wagon road in your own backyard! The entire county is rich with history and a connection with nature that only a rural area can have. 

Making a Home

Jasper County is home to a few thousand people, but it is a county that’s rich in history and rural ideals. Your family will flourish in an area that prioritizes family standards and tradition. No matter if you’re looking for something quiet, private, or just to get away from the everyday ‘hustle & bustle’. Jasper County is the perfect place for you to call home.