Why Farm Land Is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Why Farm Land Is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Why Farm Land Is the Perfect Christmas Gift Looking for a gift that won’t get returned after the holidays? Maybe that hard-to-buy-for person needs something really different this year. Maybe it’s time to buy them a farm.

What? Are we serious? You bet. Farm land for sale by owner in South Carolina is much more reasonable than you might think. For only $295 down, you can get someone started on a whole new life. How can you beat that?

Who is the perfect person for this gift? Take a look around. You know someone who might be stuck in a rut or is just ready to change gears with a new home in the country. Someone who wants to get closer to nature and be there every day. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting them started with a plot of land.

1. Give a Lot for Not a Lot

It’s almost ridiculous how much you can get for your $300 down payment.When you look at what else you could buy with that amount of money, you will mostly find things that are trendy and overpriced. Land is valuable and never goes out of style. It’s something that will never be thrown away.

2. It’s a Gift that’s Easy to Give

You could try to wrap it, but you’ll run out of paper. Maybe just let them open a package with the deed. You also don’t need to beat the crowds on Black Friday to get it. It won’t run out before you get there, and it will most certainly be ready in time for Christmas.

3. It Gives a Means to an End

Giving the gift of land gives the recipient a starting place. They can choose exactly what type of home they want, what to raise on their farm, and how long to take doing it. You are giving them the right to start a new life. Your loved one can have a new, deserved sense of entitlement as they determine the way their life will turn next.

4. It’s a Gift that Keeps on Giving

Farmland is often called “gold with a dividend.” Imagine if you gave someone a gold necklace that not only increased in value, but actually gave you the opportunity to earn money on top of that when you wore it. You can expect a 5%-6% annual appreciation on the land, and then possibly another 4% or so by selling what you raise on the farm.

5. It’s a Gift that Can Give Back

Even if your loved one decides not to sell what they grow, they will still have it for themselves. They can start a healthy style of living off the land. There will never be a worry of not having enough.

Even if your loved one gives it a shot and decides that the farm life is not for them, they will not be losing out. To get a good return on investment, they would need to see about a 13% return. According to research, farms can actually earn near 20%, pocketing them a good chunk. So whatever way you look at it, you loved one can’t lose. Contact Hurdle today to see how they can help you with your shopping now.