Why Buying Rural Land in Georgia Makes Sense


Have you been dreaming about owning a rural haven in Georgia? Have you made plans for a small farm or maybe a little cabin in woods where you can run away to escape from the demands of big city life? Maybe the only missing piece in your plan is where to put your new little homestead. If Georgia isn’t already on your list of places to consider, it should be. Here’s why.


Location, Location, Location

For those looking to get away from it all, you’re going to find Georgia has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a place by the water, you can find plenty of lakes and streams flowing through those rural properties. You’d rather have a place higher up? No problem! Georgia’s got a few hills, too. 


Things move a little slower in the South, but since there’s so little traffic on those rural backroads, you might be able to get there a little faster. Less traffic leads to less air pollution, which is not only great for your own lungs and the health of your family, but also for the health of nature around you. If the leaves on the trees look more vibrant, it’s likely due to the cleaner air.



Those trees might be growing taller, too. Plants and crops could be more robust from the perfect farming weather you tend to find in Georgia. No need to worry about a freeze – they hardly ever happen this far south. And the warm air is just like you might find in a greenhouse. On clear days, you can see for miles, including into the heavens when you want to stargaze. (That’s not necessarily going to make your crops grow, but it sure is a nice perk to rural country living!)


Value for the Dollar

Of course, prices of the land you can find through Hurdle start as low as $295 down and rates are reasonable even after that. But why might Georgia be the right place for your budget? After purchase, you can take possession relatively quickly, with a typical closing time frame of about 45 days. Then, once the land is yours, you can think about the great deal you’ve got. Rural land is usually more valuable than developed land. Think of the resources on your new property! The soil itself is likely full of great, untapped nutrients, which will be great for your plants. And of course, the better crops you yield, the more you will likely get for them upon sale, making it a terrific return on investment. If you have any trees to clear (and you will), that timber can be sold as well if you aren’t planning to use it to build your own home. And, of course, should you ever decide to part ways with this little piece of dream world, there is a good chance the value you get for the sale will be higher than your initial investment.


There are many pieces of land in the rural South, and just as many reasons to look at those. But if you know your heart is the shape of a peach, you’ll find your new home in Georgia. Contact a representative from Hurdle today to take a look at the most promising plots while they are still available.