Surprisingly Creative Uses for Your Newly Purchased Land

Surprisingly Creative Uses for Your Newly Purchased Land

If you thought the only thing you could do with your new plot of owner financed land that you purchased was to build a little cottage and live there, think again! Of course, getting a great deal on your land is a great way to establish a home, but there are plenty of other ways you could use that land instead.

1. Home

The most obvious use for the owner financed land you just purchased (for cheap!) is to live on it. While maybe you already have a home and have other plans, here are some ways you can upgrade to make your new habitat just right.

- Make it a farm. There’s no limit to the crops you could raise here. Some livestock is even allowed. You might even be able to live off the land!

- Settle your in-laws. No need for Mom and Dad to come crowd up your house. They’d probably enjoy the privacy.

- Establish a vacation home. Sometimes you just need a place to get away. You’ll have plenty of peace and quiet on your new plot of land.


2. Business

Since you purchased your land for cheap, you are obviously a person looking for ways to have more money. Since your investment was small, think of the income you can generate on this new property you have obtained! Here are some ideas for ways you can use this land for business:

- Create your own crafts to sell online. Nature always provides the prettiest of craft supplies, from turning leaves to pressed flowers.

- What could possibly be a prettier backdrop for family photos than your new land? Trees, flowers, rolling meadows… People pay good money for warm, rustic photography settings. Buy a camera, learn to use it, and build a business!

- By learning to live off your own land, you could become an influencer or YouTuber who teaches others – and then makes great money sponsoring products or working with advertisers. You can do all of this from your own home.


3. Recreation

Maybe you love the home you live in. Maybe the idea of starting a business gives you a headache. But you couldn’t pass up that great deal on the patch of God’s fresh earth to call it your own. Here are a few ideas to put that land to good use, without living on it.

- Use it for four-wheeling. Depending on the type of land you bought, it could also be a great place for skiing, mountain biking, or paintball. You’ve got yourself your own backyard to play in now.

- Make your own campground. No one is around for miles to bother you. - Provide a short-term rental option for vacationers. Who wouldn’t choose the quiet beauty of your farm over the bustle of the city? You may need to check with your local zoning laws before doing this.

If you have read through these ideas and kicking yourself for not having the land to use in your favorite way listed about, don’t fret! There are still plenty of opportunities to purchase that land today. Give a call to and make your dreams come true.