Starting Your Own Mini Farm


One of the most popular reasons for purchasing owner financed land in Georgia is to advance one’s dream of starting a farm. The great news is that this is not an impossible dream. You don’t need to have already cultivated land passed down to you from the many generations before you. (You could actually be the generation that passes the land down in your own family!) However, you would be wise to do your research and decide what you want this farm to look like, and how it should operate before you start. Take these considerations in mind:

What Is Your Goal?

Are you starting a farm as a hobby because you love animals (or gardening)? Or will this new endeavor take the place of your existing vocation for income? Still yet, you could find yourself in between – a small side business of a roadside farm stand to help boost your existing income. Knowing this answer to this question can help you determine how much time, energy, and/or money you will want to sink into the project. Keep in mind that it may be easier to start small and build your way up than vice versa. You can always add more crops and animals when you see what the demand is.

What Kind of Farm Will It Be?

The answer to this question will need to hinge on more than just your love of strawberries or alpacas. Although you want to love what you do, it would be helpful to have it love you back. Find out your options. A good way to conduct that research is in person. Go to the local farmer’s market and ask questions. Most farmers are kind enough to let you know just how much work it takes to grow a certain crop. They may also give you some hints about something that works, or even if there is a better path to take.

What Are Your Obstacles?

Consider the land you have and the area you are in. Proper research will tell you the best crops to grow for the local soil and weather. But be prepared for the offseason as well. While a state like Georgia tends to stay warm most of the year, certain areas are drier than others. You may want to reconsider your crop based on what the average rainfall in the area is or adjust your plans for the amount of shade your new property has. Demand is another thing to consider. Check to see what is popular in the area if you are planning to sell. Likewise with your animals, make sure they are comfortable in the habitat you will have for them before you bring them in and surprise them with it.

No matter what your answers were to the above questions, the first thing you need is land. If you have not already decided on a plot of property for this endeavor, Hurdle is here to help you find your own little corner of heaven. Get started today!