Rural vs Urban Living

Rural vs. Urban Living: The Pros and Cons 

By Hurdle Land & Realty


Which is better? Urban or rural living? 

This topic often ends in a heated debate, with people labeling themselves as a “city girl” or a “country boy.” Everyone has preferences about the perfect place to live, and that’s okay. Let’s look at the biggest pros and cons of urban and rural living so you can decide for yourself. 

Urban Living

  1. Events and Activities - Urban areas have a lot of extravagant activities that rural areas don’t have. In cities, you can visit a museum, a theater, bigger concerts, workout classes, shopping events, and more. If you can think of an activity, a big city will have it, no matter how niche. The one exception is outdoor activities, where rural areas take the cake. 

  2. More Job Opportunities - Living in a bigger city means more jobs. Job growth has kept up with population growth in recent years, bringing the most diverse and high-paying jobs to urban areas. 

  3. Transportation - Although not all urban areas offer easy transportation, many bigger cities do. From metros to buses to bikes, public transit is becoming more widespread and affordable in cities. This makes the daily commute cheaper and faster than if you were living in a rural area and driving 30+ minutes to work every day. 

Rural Living 

  1. Cheaper Cost of Living - Rural housing is far more affordable than in urban areas, with homes in cities like New York City costing up to 72% more than in urban areas with populations less than 10,000. Dining is also usually cheaper in the countryside, and you won’t have to pay $7 for your daily cup of coffee. 

  2. More Space - Not only is housing cheaper in rural areas, but you also get more space. Chances are you have a bigger house and a decent backyard, so you can take on projects like gardening or building a treehouse for your kids. Plus, you’ll have way more privacy because houses are more spaced out in rural communities.

  3. Outdoor Activities - Urban areas may have fancier forms of entertainment, like museums and concert halls, but rural communities can claim dozens of fun outdoor activities. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, hunting, biking, kayaking, or something else, rural communities often have easy access to parks, lakes, and their own backyards for some fun in the great outdoors. 


If you decide that rural living is the life for you, Hurdle Land & Realty can make it happen. We believe in putting land into the hands of those devoted to building a home or farm in the countryside. Contact us today to see how we can help you enjoy the benefits of rural living.