Prepare your Land for Spring!

Hurdle Land and Realty is ready for the Spring Thaw. Here are some quick tips on how to take care of your own land.

With the Polar Vortex leaving ice and frostbite behind, no one is more excited than Hurdle Land & Realty for the Spring thaw. Green grass, vegetables, and prime hunting weather are what make Spring one of our favorite seasons of the year. What is the best way to prepare for Spring so that your land is at its prime by the warmer months- would you believe the best time is now?



One of the best parts about owning your own property is seeing the land come to life. You want to make sure you prepare your land early so that your plants will grow. 
  • How wet is the ground? Land that’s too wet clumps up and will start to harden into little ball shapes, which are hard to break up later. These clumps can make the ground unpliable during gardening season. 
  • Don’t compact the soil. When soil is compacted the soil loses the air pockets that plants need to grow and get oxygen.
A general rule of thumb we follow is if the dirt can be squeezed into a ball and it keeps its shape then it’s too wet to work. There’s a happy medium that can be found, where the ground is moist but not soaking wet. 


Remove Litter and Debris 

Owning your own property allows you to create the garden of your dreams, but in order to do that you need to make sure the ground is ready. 
  • Make sure you clean up all the litter and debris around your property. The dead, moist leaves that have been covering your yard for weeks are smothering the soil and need to be removed so that the ground can receive the oxygen your property will need to flourish.
  • Prune your perennials, trees, and bushes! This is a great time to start trimming the vines that have run away from the plant or that have died. Late winter offers a great opportunity to see where the vines have overgrown so you’re able to cut them. If you wait until Spring you’re more likely to miss one hiding behind the growing plants.  

Fix your property

Believe it or not, winter is a great time to repair your property borders. Soggy land puts a strain on stakes and posts by raising the likelihood of them rotting away. If your posts are bowed or leaning, now is the time to fix them while the ground is easily pliable and compacted. There’s less growth to work around and roots to disturb. This ensures that your property isn’t damaged and you’re able to make your garden or property look its best during the warm months.  
Winter might be cold and dreary but it’s also the prime time for you to prepare your property for the Spring thaw! The team at Hurdle Land & Realty is always glad to help people take the first steps in becoming a landowner.