Life on the Farm: 3 Chores to Do During the Winter

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So the cold weather has arrived.

Your garden is covered, your livestock are warm in their barn, and the fields are stripped and bare.

Many of us assume that winter is the quiet time for farmers and their land—that nothing much goes on once the garden has stopped producing and it’s too cold for the animals to wander.

While there are fewer chores to do in winter, there are still a few key things you should keep up with.

Check out these important winter chores to do on the farm.

Clean and Repair Equipment

During the cold months, it’s important to check, clean and repair your equipment.

After all, you’ll need it to be in top shape in a few short weeks, and making the repairs while you have free time can help you be more alert to issues. This can help you make more sound repairs.

Perform a thorough inspection on all of your motorized tools, including tractors, and machines like chainsaws, blowers, and mowers.

Make sure everything is clean, repaired and in good shape.

Take note of any machines that seem to be broken or beyond repair.

Make a list of machines or devices that need to be replaced before spring arrives.

Look After Your Garden

Your garden is a huge part of your farm’s production and your life.

So making sure your plant beds and soil are cared for during the winter is highly important.

There are a few easy ways to ensure that your garden stays in good shape during the winter:

  • Make a spring seed map

  • Keep tender plants covered to protect from frost—tarps, bedsheets, plastic sheets—and check them often to make sure the covering is secure

  • Make a garden plan of your 2017 garden—so when it’s time to plant, you know exactly where everything goes.

There are plenty of other garden-related things you can do during the winter.

From ordering your seeds to monitoring the soil, there are plenty of chores to keep you busy.

Take Inventory of Your Supplies

Winter is the perfect time to take inventory of your supplies.

You should make lists of things you need, making special note of quantities and supplies that have run out.

This is especially important for your garden.

If you’d like to plant new flowers or vegetables in the spring, you’ll need to plan your seed quantities.

You may also need to upgrade or replace broken down equipment or supplies from the previous season.

Making these meticulous lists will help you prepare for the upcoming busy season. It will also help you budget for any big purchases long before you have to make them.

Upgrade Your Farm This Year

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