Keep the Kids Busy with Country Crafts Until School Starts

Keep the Kids Busy with Country Crafts Until School Starts

School ended two months ago. Are the natives restless yet? And it’s not even time for them to go back? You need something for those kids to do. If you are fortunate enough to live on a farm, you can find easy crafts using materials from the yard to help add to the sweet country décor of your home. If you need some ideas, keep reading.

1. Message board

What you need:picture frame, chicken wire, small clips or magnets. What you do: First, find an old wooden picture frame (something bigger than 8 x 10 would be best.) Distress the wood by sanding and repainting, if needed. Cut chicken wire with wire clippers to match the size of the frame. Using a heavy-duty stapler, staple the wire to the back of the frame. Use the clips or magnets to hold papers to the wire.


2. Wooden Peg Board

What you need: strip of bark, several unused drawer knobs, clear glaze (optional) What you do: This is an easy one, and pretty useful, too. Search your yard for a strip of tree bark between about 9”- 18” in length, not less than an inch wide. You can treat the wood with a clear coat of glaze, or just leave it au natural. If you go with the latter, make sure to shake out any loose dirt or dust. Find a few unused drawer knobs and screw them into the wood at even intervals of at least 2” (for as many knobs as you have found). Either attach hanging apparatus or nail straight into your wall. Use it to hang keys or decorative hangings.

3. Twig Letters

What you need: Lots and lots of twigs, saw, hot glue gun What you do: This one is fun and easy. Comb your yard for at least 20 or so sticks of about equal circumference and length. Choose the appropriate letter for you (usually first letter of a last name). Line sticks up flat on the ground (or table) horizontally with bark touching. Hold them in place as you mark them to make the shape of the letter of choice. Saw the sticks at your marks. Hot glue the sticks together where the bark touches. This ornament can be hung or can stand by the front door on its own.


4. Soup Can Vase

What you need: Empty soup can, rust-proof opaque spray paint, stencils What you do: Clean out an empty soup can (it can be any kind of can, the bigger the better!) Spray the can with an opaque color to match your home décor. Allow to dry. Choose a simple stencil for accent. Make sure the color you choose to stencil contrasts well with your can color. (Usually black, navy, or cream work well.) Once it’s dry, you can add a decorative ribbon if you choose. Fill with beautiful fresh flowers from your garden.

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