Inspiration for Your Undeveloped Rural Georgia Land


Your dream is about to come true. You’ve just quit your stressful job and left the city. Purchasing your own piece of rural land in Georgia was the perfect next step in following your heart and living off the land.

Wait, wrong dream? You purchased that land with plans to start your own business? That works too! As a matter of fact, there are plenty of reasons to buy and renovate land in Georgia. First of all, developing the land yourself saves a lot of money when compared to buying already-developed land. It offers more possibilities too. You can be assured to make it just the way you want it, instead of working around someone else’s idea.

Maybe you have the land now – because who can pass up an offer like $295 down? – and now you need inspiration for your next step. There is no shortage of ideas. Take a peek below to see what might be calling out to you.

Small Farm

If farming brings a picture in your mind of an elderly man in denim overalls and a straw hat dragging a hoe across his rows of corn, it’s time for an update. Anything that can be grown, can be farmed: produce, livestock, trees, greenhouse, or garden plants, even wind! Grow on a small scale for your own benefit or grow more to sell.


You could choose to open your property to others for the sake of camping and allow them the same joy you have for living in the serenity of the rural outdoors, even if just for a few days. There are many options here, from just leaving your space open for campers or RVs to setting up fully furnished cabins. You could even go the extra mile for those who need to “glamp.”


While farming animals for sellable products (like milk, eggs, wool, etc.) is one way to go, true animal lovers know animals can be useful in many more ways – especially with all the land you will have. Animals can be used for therapy, and you could house these therapy animals for use by licensed therapists. If horses are your true love, perhaps set up a stable and lease your space. Or provide riding lessons! Your property can house anything from bees to alpacas.

Athletic/Recreational Field or Course

People of all ages love to get outside and play! You can create a home for just about any niche or activity you would like to see. Think beyond the baseball diamond (though, if you build it, they may very well come). Your acreage could accommodate those wanting to play paintball or golf, those who want to go biking or shooting. You could even bring customers out who would like to practice yoga out in the beauty of your natural surroundings.


The bottom line is you need to find what fits your passion. Once you have picked your perfect piece of land with help from Hurdle, chances are you are going to fall in love with your new idea and stay with it for a long time. Find your calling and love every minute of it.