Ingredients for the Perfect Sleigh Ride

perfect sleigh ride

One of the most beautiful things about living in a rural area is all that beautiful land, right? During the holidays, you can make use of your acreage in ways you’ve only dreamed. Wouldn’t you love to have your friends and family over for a Christmas sleigh ride this year? You could go over the river and through the woods in your horse-drawn sleigh. Or, if you don’t have horses or a sleigh, you can rig up something that’s almost as good. A tractor and a carriage or a truck with a trailer could fit the bill.  The real point is to get outside with all your loved ones and enjoy the holidays, right?

To have a successful sleigh ride, you must have the right ingredients. If you’re not sure what to prepare before your journey, here are some ideas.


Winter in the South can still be pretty chilly. You don’t want to cut your sleigh ride short when teeth start chattering. Instead, pile the sleigh (or trailer) high with blankets so you can cuddle together for warmth. Big, thick quilts are the best, because they have some weight to them, but you can also bring along mom’s favorite afghan, too.

Hot Beverages

A thermos or two of hot chocolate or coffee will go a long way toward warming your guests from the inside out. Whether you make the hot chocolate from scratch or use a mix, there are several ways you can make the drink more festive. Consider peppermint syrups, salted caramel, or other flavors to give the old favorite a new kick. Coffees can also be dressed up with syrups and creamers for a true holiday treat.

Festive Snacks

You can snack away any time of the year, but there’s something special about those holiday treats, isn’t there? Pack up a picnic of your favorites, from chocolate chip cookies and peppermint brownies to sausage balls and ham-and-brie bites. The food will give you the energy you need to stay out all day with your friends before you head inside to exchange gifts.

Holiday Music

Maybe the jingle bells on the sleigh are enough music to keep you going, or maybe you’d like to listen to your favorite Christmas tunes as you ride. All you need is a little battery-powered docking station for your MP3 player, and you’ll be able to listen to all the songs of the season.

Now you’re ready for the sleigh ride of your life. With your new land in the countryside, you’ll be able to make this a yearly tradition! If you haven’t found the perfect acreage, there’s still time to get a great deal before Christmas. Just give us a call, and you’ll take possession with plenty of time to host your first sleigh ride party.