How to Start Your Own Homesteading Podcast or YouTube Channel

How to Start Your Own Homesteading Podcast or YouTube Channel

When you see Georgia land for sale, perhaps financed by the owner, do you start thinking of the many ways your life could change? Maybe you could get some livestock and start a mini farm. You could learn to craft beautiful things from the nature around you. You could develop your own recipes for the delicious vegetables that come straight from your garden. And you could share all of these new activities with the world through a podcast or your own YouTube channel.

Now, you wouldn’t be the first to develop a homesteading podcast or YouTube channel. Some of the most popular homesteading podcasts out there include Farmer to Farmer, Digital Homesteading, and Homesteady. For video lovers, there’s Roots and Refuge and Guildbrook Farm. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have something unique to offer. Take some time to study these and other options to see what makes them tick—and maybe what they’re missing. Then you’re ready to start contemplating your own!

Here’s what you need to do.

Consider Your Unique Perspective

The homesteading life may involve similar activities for all involved, but there are so many ways you can make your homestead your very own. You can learn a lot from popular shows, especially if you’re just getting started, but don’t get bogged down in trying to offer the same content on your own podcast or YouTube channel.

What makes you stand out from the rest? What’s missing from the podcasts and videos you watched? What do you hope the world will see when they tune into your shows? This is what will set you apart from other podcasters and help you start to build an audience of your own.

Basic Branding

To be recognizable, you need your own unique brand, too. This includes a name, a logo, and a mission. You don’t have to get fancy here. Even the name of your farm or your family is a great start when coming up with a brand name. Free tools like Canva can give you everything you need to create a logo.

Where you go from here depends on how involved you want to get with your audience. Do you want to give them a chance to interact with you? You may want to set up social media accounts. Think you have additional content that users should be able to access? A simple website could give you somewhere to stretch your influence. Don’t be afraid to start simply and add things later!

Find a Host

YouTube makes sharing videos easy, but podcasting can bring about even more big decisions. You need to find a place to host your podcast. A few options to look into include:

  • BlogTalkRadio
  • PodOmatic
  • BuzzSprout
  • Libsyn
  • PodBean
  • SimpleCast
  • ZenCast
  • Fireside

Any of these could make a good choice for your publishing needs. Just be sure to investigate them all before making a choice so you get all the features you need.

All that’s left is to start creating your content and sharing it with the world. Well, if you don’t have your farm in Georgia yet, you might want to start there. We can help! With several owner-financed lots available, you’re sure to find your own little slice of Heaven, perfect for featuring in your podcasting or YouTubing glory!