How Buying Land Can Help You Simplify Your Life in 2020

How Buying Land Can Help You Simplify Your Life in 2020

Welcome to a new decade! Is one of your resolutions to simplify? If it is, then you may be surprised to learn that one way to take charge and make your life simpler is by buying land. And, you’re in luck because finding owner financed land for sale is easier than you think. Imagine the ways your life can improve…


Imagine not being told how things should be, like they do where you’re renting. You could plant a garden and put anything you want there. You could actually put nails in the walls to hang those paintings you’ve collected. Or, to the contrary, imagine not needing to do anything. No one to say you must keep you grass trimmed to within 1/2” of the sidewalk every Tuesday by 3 pm. If you owned your own land, you could cut the grass whenever you wanted.

Grow Your Own

With your own farm, you can create a whole new self-sustaining life, complete with your own vegetable garden and animals. Of course, you’ll need to check the regulations for the land you purchase, because the rules for animal ownership are different in every state. In no time, you could be creating your own recipes, in your own kitchen, with food you grew yourself.

Become Responsible

It might not sound like adding responsibility would simplify your life, but becoming a property owner forces a person to keep their life (at least a part of it) in order. You will want to spend time taking care of your property, so you will be motivated to stop binge watching Netflix and tend to the land.

Introduce Responsibility to Your Kids

What if, instead of playing video games, your children learned how to care for your new vegetable garden, or feed the chickens? What if they helped you cook hearty, healthy foods in your kitchen?

Give Kids Room to Play

Of course, owning land also gives your kids plenty of outdoor fun to look forward to, like running through fields, climbing trees, playing in the creeks, and taking pictures of wildlife. Instead of begging them to put down the game controllers, you’ll instead be calling them in from hours of play outside.

Streamline Expenses

Although you can buy owner financed land for sale for as low as $295 down, you will want to use what funding is left toward enhancing your purchase. This can help determine which lines of your budget to eliminate. Daily fancy coffee purchase? Weekly outing with the guys? Organizing the company’s fantasy football league? Nope, gonna put that money toward a deck for the house, right? Consider bringing it all down to a simpler way of life.

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