How to Beat the Winter Blues on Your Georgia Land



Winter is a season that brings a variety of emotions. For many, the end of the holiday season, coupled with cold, gray skies, can lead to feeling a bit blue, especially since snow isn’t common in Georgia. Here are a few ways to combat those pesky winter blues while living it up on your Georgia land. 


Winter Cleaning

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, now get ready for winter cleaning. With the fall season often being busy for farm owners, sometimes you stop and take a moment during the winter and realize things may not be as tidy as they could be. The movement helps warm you up and makes you feel productive, and the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when everything is nice and clean is sure to chase away some of the winter sadness. 


Stock Up on Meals

Since frosty temperatures tend to keep you inside during the winter, cooking meals is a great way to pass the time while being productive. It’s also a great way to get a jump start on storing premade meals in your freezer so you have them conveniently available during busier times. 


Plan Ahead for the Next Season

Your spring gardening may be one of the last things on your mind in the middle of January, but perhaps it should be on your mind! Some plants and produce need to be planted as early as February, so it’s a good idea to start planning your garden ahead of time. 


Fix Things up Around the Farm

Through the wear and tear of everyday life, things can easily sustain damage and break. Winter is an ideal time to go around and start fixing up anything that might need some mending. The downtime allows you to make sure everything is in shape by spring.


Bundle up and Have a Day Outside

Despite the cold, sometimes it’s nice to get outside even in the winter months. In between the chores and planning for next year, another great way to lift your spirits is to bundle up and have a nice day outside with the family. You could go fishing, go for a hike, or even build a bonfire to stay nice and toasty. Don’t forget to warm up after with a nice cup of hot chocolate! 


Learn a New Hobby

Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet or knit? What about making bread? Winter is a great time to explore new hobbies that improve your mood and your quality of life. Why not learn how to crochet yourself a nice warm blanket for next winter? 


Winter can be a difficult time due to seasonal blues, and it’s hard to resist the urge to bundle up and sleep all day. Hopefully these tips encourage you to try something new this winter, whether it’s planning ahead or learning a new hobby, you’re sure to beat the winter blues while having a productive season. Don’t have any Georgia land yet? No worries! Reach out to Hurdle pick out your ideal Georgia land today!