Hot Things To Do This Spring

With warmer weather starting to push the Polar Vortex out to sea, the opportunity for outdoor activities is right outside your front door. Living and owning land in rural communities offers you the chance to experience the varying seasons to a different degree than those who live in more urban areas. Here are some of our favorite ways to take advantage of Spring in our rural backyards.   


Who doesn’t love being with nature? Hiking is a great way to explore your area and get some exercise in at the same time. For some of us, the perfect hiking trails might even be in our own backyard. Pack water, snacks, and a determined attitude then set out!  

A couple helpful tips:  Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and non-constricting clothing so that you’re not confined and overheat. Check the weather before you go so that you don’t get caught in any storms! 


Construction and Clean Up

Are you looking to build that dream porch? Wrap around, screened, or one with just enough room for a rocking chair- one of the best perks about owning your own land is getting to build what you want on it. Quit procrastinating and get going! Being the owner of your own property gives you the opportunity to truly build the home of your dreams from the ground up. 


Spring is a great time to get your hands dirty. Gardening is a great way for you to take advantage of having your own land. Want some fresh vegetables without having to fight the grocery store crowd? Looking to wake up to the smell of honeysuckle and tulips? Plant your own garden!  

Some helpful tips: To start, find the perfect spot for your garden. You need to take into account what kind of garden you’re planting when determining where it needs to be placed and how big it needs to be. Vegetable gardens need to be in a more open area that offers a lot of sun and don’t necessarily need to be very spread apart. Flower gardens, depending on what type of flower, need to be in an area that offers some shade with rich soil.


As soon as the area as been picked out, tidy it up. Clear out all the winter debris, then go pick out your plants. Follow the recommendations for hole depth and get digging! You’ll have your own garden before you know it. 


BBQs and Picnics

Another great thing about having your own big backyard is the ability to spread out your family and eat delicious comfort food. Pack a basket with your families favorite foods or fire up the grill and get cooking. Using your property to host a get together is a great way to catch up and have fellowship with neighbors, friends, and family.