Homemade and Handmade: Christmas Gifts from the Homestead


The holidays are coming quickly. And now that you have purchased your beautiful new homestead on the rural land in Georgia that you found through Hurdle, you are likely eager to share with family and friends the beauty of your surroundings. One way you can do that is by giving gifts made from the heart and the earth around your lovely farm. Need some ideas for gifts that will be appreciated and celebrate your fantastic new place? Try one of these: 

Seed Packet Ornament 

If you have been on your farm long enough, you have probably lost yourself to the joy of planting crops or a garden. Wouldn't you love to share that joy with your loved ones? There are many ways to make an ornament out of a seed packet; look up some cute ideas online. As long as the container is decorative and you have a hook to hang it with, you can add any frills such as pine needles, berries, or ribbon to make it extra special. Don't worry too much about making it perfect – your recipient may tear it apart to break out the seeds anyway! 

Black Walnut Liquor 

You may wonder if there is anything you can do with the walnuts you've collected from the beautiful trees adorning your spacious yard. While walnuts are tasty on their own, and you can indeed find any number of recipes to hit the spot, you can also make a unique gift for the fine liquor tasters in your group of friends or relatives. Imagine what a great gift you can produce for a fraction of the cost of even wholesale prices.

Spice Rubs 

If you have started a spice garden, you have plenty of flavors to choose from. Perhaps you have already been experimenting with different tastes on your own meats, and you have found a unique combination you'd love to share. Gather up some of those favorites and give them a little time to dry out. Crumble and combine into a mason jar with a country-tied lid, and voila! An excellent gift for your favorite barbeque fan. 

Honey-Whipped Hand Cream

Here's a great addition to a gift basket that just about anyone can use. If you have been raising bees on your homestead, you probably have realized just how much you can do with honey. It's not just for tea anymore! While honey makes a healthier sweetener from make consumables, it also has fantastic effects on your skin. Follow the above recipe for an easy product to create and add it to a decorative glass bottle for a heartfelt present.


You may still be considering purchasing that sweet piece of owner-financed land for sale in Georgia that you keep coming back to on Hurdle.com. There's still time to grab your new homestead on O'Quinn's Pond! Perhaps this year, the property can be your Christmas gift to yourself. And all the years to come, that gift will continue blessing you.