Enjoy a Forever Vacation on Your Own Land in South Carolina

Most people think summers are meant for vacations. The warmer weather and kids being out of school tends to send families flocking to travel agents or booking websites. They’ll spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to find the perfect South Carolina beach rental before dropping an insane amount of money on a place that isn’t truly theirs. Hours will be spent in the car or in the airport before they’re actually able to get into that hotel room or rental home and relaxation often comes too late, if at all for the adults actually planning these trips. By the time it’s all over and everyone is back home, unpacking and dealing with the laundry and misplaced sand in the suitcase, most will say with true exasperation “I will never go on another vacation again.”

It's Closer Than You Think

What if we told you there is a way to avoid all the stress and aggravation without sacrificing the actual “vacation” itself? It is possible and that possibility is made all the better by saying that you could actually have a forever vacation just by purchasing land for sale in South Carolina.

Your own private (and forever!) vacation isn’t an unattainable goal anymore thanks to owner financing. It’s no longer necessary to try and sell yourself to a big banking corporation with the hopes of walking away with the promise of financing for your dream at an interest rate. Even if your credit is less than stellar, even if you don’t have a lump of cash sitting around for a down payment, these become a non-issue with owner financing.

With owner, or seller financing, the seller is taking the place of the lender or banking institution. In short, the situation is basically the same: the seller extends enough credit to the buyer to purchase the property, a contract or promissory note is signed by both, and a mortgage or deed of trust is recorded in the local public records before the property is then paid off over time. The biggest differences are that there aren’t any credit checks, the down payment is usually much more reasonable, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with the red tape that comes along with the banking industry. The seller also tends to get a bigger return on the sale without having to pay commission fees so it turns out to be a win-win for both parties.

Endless Opportunities

The best thing about buying your own plot of heaven in South Carolina is that you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to build a farm with animals the kids can tend to and play with and ride, then that’s your prerogative. Maybe you’d prefer an open and airy cottage surrounded by wildflowers and a natural pool in the backyard the whole family can play in without worrying about the harsh chemicals that are often used in hotel pools.

Your forever vacation can be exactly what you want it to be when you purchase bare land that’s just waiting for your creative touch and memories in the making. If you’re ready, give us a call.