Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Option Now Offered on Hurdle Land & Realty Website

Hurdle has now made it even easier for customers to pay on their property with the addition of a new, quick and easy payment option.  Electronic funds transfer (EFT) allows parties to send funds from one account to another without the hassle of writing or mailing in checks all on a secure digital network.  EFT is faster than traditional bill paying methods and takes less resources, most transactions, depending on individual bank policies, take less than a couple days to complete.  The speed and cost effectiveness of electronic funds transfer provides additional convenience for Hurdle customers and will be an excellent resource to help manage and schedule timely payments.  Using EFT is fast, effective and creates an electronic record of payment history, it is also an environmentally friendly option because it reduces the reliance on paper for billing documentation.

Customers can take advantage of the new payment option by downloading the EFT setup PDF form from the website (located on the Hom Page in the upper right corner).  Once the forms is filled out with all the required information, including bank account and routing numbers, customers will need to send the form back to the collections office with their next payment.  As soon as the form is received Hurdle will begin setting up a EFT with your specified bank.  After all paperwork is submitted to the bank you will be well on your way to spending less time worrying about scheduling payments and more time improving your piece of America!

Apart from creating an extra convenience to the customer and helping to reduce the amount of paper used in the billing process, EFT offers savings Hurdle can eventually pass on to clients.  Hurdle Land & Realty is always looking for better ways to provide their customers with faster and more cost effective tools to manage their accounts along with access to the latest information on their properties.

For more details on electronic funds transfer as a method of payment or to find information on available properties contact Hurdle Land & Realty today at 1-800-762-4851 or send an email to landinfo(at)hurdle(dot)com.