Cool Off This Summer - Visit These Georgia Waterfalls


Once you purchased your owner-financed land in Georgia, you probably built and settled into your new home. After you have that home, garden, yard, and/or farm fixed just the way you like it, it might be time to get out and explore a little. Chances are that the reason you chose that perfect little plot of rural land is because you love being out in nature. You’re in luck, too, because Georgia has some of the best scenery that our country has to offer. 


Summer is not always the most ideal time of year to be outdoors in the South, so it’s important to find a hiking destination in a cool place, like near water. Fortunately, there are some great places in Georgia to find that water. And what a display you will find when you come across these amazing waterfalls! Browse through a few of these sites and check off which of them might inspire a visit.


Toccoa Falls


Let’s start with a giant. You won’t need much of a hike, starting from Toccoa Falls College. Just take the designated trail, and you will shortly come upon the 186-ft free-fall for which the college was named. As the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River, it’s breath-taking to say the least and worth the small admission fee.


Minnehaha Falls


Over the course of 100 feet, the Minnehaha Falls gradually flows over the steps leading down the Northeast Georgia Mountains. What makes this sight even more spectacular is the surrounding foliage that wraps around the falls. In the summer, the greenery is full and blooms are at their peak. Admission to this area is free, and the location is nearby other beautiful (and also free) waterfalls to check off your list. These are all part of the Tallulah Falls over the Tallulah Gorge.


Anna Ruby Falls


As beautiful as its name, the Anna Ruby Falls are an easy half mile away by trail from a free parking lot. (Adults will pay a $3 admission fee for admittance to the park.) A visitor center with picnic facilities make it an ideal setting for a day trip outing to this destination in the Georgia Northeast Mountains that culminates the joining of the Curtis and York Creeks in Helen, GA.


Holcomb Creek Falls


While not as high as some of the other waterfalls named here, the Holcomb Creek Falls offers a different kind of view. You can follow along as the falls stretch out into all kinds of interesting contusions – all a sight to see. Your 1.3 mile hike along the falling creek is not complete, however, until you reach the observation deck and catch sight of the next waterfall on the trail – the Ammons Creek Falls. That’s right, you get two falls for the price of one. And at the admission price of $0, that’s a bargain you can’t pass up.


You’ve completed the hard work of getting your new property ready to live on. Now it’s time to reward yourself with a visit to some of the most beautiful places God has put on this earth. And the fact that he put them near your new home in Georgia? Even better.