The Biggest Benefits of Seeking Owner Financed Land


When it’s time to purchase land, you have lots of competing options for your financing.

If you seek financing through a bank, you have a completely separate set of pros, cons, and expectations than if you choose owner-financed land.


While owner financing may be less common than more traditional buying methods, it still has some important benefits.


Are you considering owner-financed land for your next plot of land? Check out these benefits to doing so.

Owner Financing Can Be Easier


Because you’re seeking to purchase only land (and not, for instance, land and a house), seeking an owner-financed agreement can be easier than a traditional lending situation.


The typical stipulations and processes involved with traditional lending can be confusing and frustrating for many buyers. Owner-financing can help you avoid these frustrations and streamline the buying (and repayment) process.

Owner Financing Can Be Faster


Many potential buyers will have to wait weeks and even months to be approved for a loan.

For those of us who are passionate about getting started on our gardens and farms with a new piece of land, a months-long approval process is simply not feasible.


When you cut out the middle man, you’ll have smoother, faster transaction…and you’ll be on your new piece of land in a shorter amount of time. For some of us, this is the best possible outcome.

Owner Financing Has a Shorter Repayment Schedule


For those of you who don’t want to be locked into a 15-to-20 year repayment schedule, owner-financed land is a great option.


Most owner-financed arrangements have a term of around five years, with a balloon payment coming due at the end of that period.


A balloon is a larger-than-typical payment that will used to pay off the remainder of your loan. Balloon loans are generally at least two times larger than your standard monthly payment.


Of course, you can seek refinancing during the life of your owner-financed loan repayment schedule and get a more favorable rate if you need to.

Owner Financing Has No Closing Costs


When you seek financing with a bank or lending institution, you could be subject to a number of closing costs.


Bank fees, agent fees and other hidden costs can be cumbersome and frustrating for buyers.


When you seek owner-financed options, you won’t have to pay closing costs or fees. This saves you money (which you can spend on beautifying or developing your new land).

Owner Financing Offers Flexible Down Payment Options


Banks and lending institutions often mandated minimum down payments that buyers must meet.

With owner-financing buying, the down payment can be as a little as zero, depending on what they seller asks for.


If you want to negotiate for a lower down payment, you can. You aren’t tied down to a mandated amount, and your seller won’t deny you for an inability to pay a standard amount.

Owner Financing Often Requires No Credit Check


We all make mistakes. Some of those mistakes can negatively impact our credit. Some of us simply have limited credit history due to personal choices.


Unfortunately, the traditional lending sphere won’t often approve a loan to individuals who unsatisfactory credit. And that can make it nearly impossible to be approved for a loan to acquire land.


Owner-financed land can be acquired without a credit check, meaning those who have limited or unsatisfactory credit can still be approved and become land owners.


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