Big Moneymakers for Your Tennessee Land


Big Moneymakers for Your Tennessee Land

By Hurdle Land & Realty 


One of the best investments you can make in Tennessee is purchasing land since the state is one of the few left in the country with affordable raw land prices. Undeveloped land can be easy to acquire as there’s usually little to no competition, and when you consider the low maintenance costs and potential for profit, the investment opportunities make sense. If you’d like to purchase Tennessee land to create income, here are a few big moneymaking ideas to get you started: 

Make Money Leasing Your Tennessee Land

Buying land now, even if you’re not ready to use it yourself, can be a great way to, quite literally, invest in your future. Depending on your land’s size, location, and geographical features, you could make money by leasing your land in various ways. When you’re ready to build that dream home or business, it could already be paid off, and one less debt you have to worry about. 

Lease Your Tennessee Land for Lovers of Outdoor Living

If you’re lucky enough to have several acres of wooded land with a body of water, you could lease your land out to hunting and fishing enthusiasts. You might have to consider allowing ATVs or horseback riding in exchange for charging higher rates, but the return is often worth offering extras. 

Lease Your Tennessee Land for Natural Resources or Farmland

Depending on the location of your land and its geological features, you could qualify for financial assistance through conservation programs. You could lease your land for the natural resources contained within, whether natural gas or leasing land for windmills. Additionally, cash leases for farmland have also been popular for Tennessee landowners for several years. 

Lease Your Tennessee Land for Billboards

Does your land border a major interstate or highway? You could lease the adjacent land to advertising companies for billboards. Depending on the signage laws for the city and state, you could earn a decent passive income on billboard leases. 

Invest in Solar Energy with Your Tennessee Land

If your land has good exposure to the sun, you could be making money off of solar energy every year. In fact, the average solar farm can profit anywhere between $21,250 and $42,500 a year per acre. While Tennessee doesn’t have a state solar tax credit, residents still have access to the federal solar tax credit. You can also look into special city and utility rebates for your area. 

Buy Owner-Financed Land in Tennessee for Less than $300

Making money on your land is easier than you think, especially when the startup costs can be less than $300. If you dream of building a home on a plot of land in the future but would like to earn money to do so, these ideas can help finance those aspirations. Hurdle Land & Realty has you covered if you’re lacking the land. Avoid the banks and take advantage of no closing costs, low monthly payments, no penalties for pre-payments, and immediate possession with owner-financed land through Hurdle Land & Realty.