Benefits of Buying Owner Financed Land in Georgia


Benefits of Buying Owner Financed Land in Georgia

By: Hurdle Land & Realty 


If you’re in the market for undeveloped land in Georgia, you may have noticed that traditional financing may not be an option for purchasing raw land. Most banks don’t like to finance undeveloped land as they feel the borrower isn’t as incentivized to repay the loan as they would if the property were their primary residence. You can avoid the banks with owner-financing through Hurdle Land & Realty. We have land across several southern states, Georgia included. If you have dreams of owning undeveloped land in Georgia, give us a call. We can finance your dreams starting as low as $295! 

Owner Financing is More Flexible

When you purchase a piece of undeveloped land from Hurdle Land & Realty, you’re actually buying it from us. That’s how we can offer $295 down with a 7.9% fixed interest rate. There aren’t any closing costs, you’ll have low monthly payments, and you take immediate possession of YOUR property. If you decide to make extra payments to pay it off early, we won’t charge you any penalties. The flexibility offered through our owner-financing makes owning your land a dream well within your reach. 

Owner Financing is Cheaper

When you finance through a bank, many fees and closing costs get added, driving the price up. We own the land at Hurdle Land & Realty, so we don’t have to charge closing costs or hidden fees. Additionally, most banks have a set percentage of the total purchase price they require for their down payments, which can be pretty hefty. At Hurdle, it’s always $295.  

What Can You Do with Your Georgia Land? 

The opportunities are endless once you buy your Georgia land. As long as you keep up with your local laws and regulations, you could list your property to be used as a movie or television filming location! Georgia received over $4 billion in revenue from film and television in 2020 alone, so why wouldn’t you want a piece of that profit? 

And if you want to live a quiet homesteading life with your family, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you have the know-how, you could go off-grid on your Georgia land, as the state allows all off-grid electricity. However, you’ll still need to check local sewer connection regulations. There are even programs available to assist small farms if you need a little help. 

Where Can I Find Owner-Financed Land for Sale in Georgia? 

Are you looking for a few acres of undeveloped land for a commercial venture? Would you like to start a homesteading compound for your extended family but need the land to get it started? Do you have dreams of any kind that start with raw, undeveloped land in Georgia? Hurdle Land & Realty has 50 years of experience providing land and real estate financing across several southern states. We would love to help finance your dreams, no matter what they may be, so give us a call today!