10 Important Fall Chores on the Farm

Fall Chores


10 Important Fall Chores on the Farm 

Ah, autumn on the farm. It’s a busy time of year: you’re harvesting fall crops, raking up tons of leaves, and preparing your homestead for the first frost. But you’re also enjoying the endless activities that come with the season. It can be easy to get distracted by all the pumpkin picking, jumping in leaf piles, and Halloween fun. 

Before you get too wrapped up in all those fall activities, remember these ten fall chores that will prepare your farm for winter. You’ll thank yourself in January!

  1. Plant fall and winter crops

You may be more of a springtime farmer, planting tomatoes and zucchini and whatnot and taking a break over the winter. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try some fall and winter crops, too. Whether it’s broccoli, onions, carrots, or cabbage, you can start with a small garden and see where it goes!

  1. Build a compost bin

Now’s the best time to start your compost journey. With all the fallen leaves, rotten veggies, and old crops pulled up from your garden, you’ve got plenty of material to start with. 

  1. Preserve excess crops 

Have you ever felt the pressure to give away your veggies to neighbors or to force your family to eat squash for the fifth time that week? If you end up with an abundant harvest and have yet to try canning your food, this method is an excellent way to prevent food waste while also stocking up for the future. 

  1. Stock up on livestock feed

Make sure you have a good supply of hay, grains, dried corn, and more. Feed becomes incredibly expensive in the wintertime. You can’t let your animals go hungry!

  1. Insulate livestock pens

Not only do you have to keep your creatures fed, but you also have to keep them warm. Patch your pens with extra insulation (but keep a layer of boards in between to prevent chewing). Check around all livestock buildings, including chicken coops, for holes where drafts can get in. 

  1. Fix up your tractor

Fall is an excellent time to make any repairs you’ve been putting off, whether it’s an oil change or a good wash. Go ahead and put chains on the tires if you plan on using it in the snow. 

  1. Trim your trees

Remember to trim overgrown tree branches before it starts snowing because heavy snow may cause branches to break over power lines and fences. 

  1. Stock up on firewood

If your house or shop runs on a fireplace or furnace to keep it warm, start stacking up firewood in your shed to dry out for next winter. Hopefully, you prepared last winter and have a dry pile ready for this season!

  1. Put away water hoses

Remember to roll up your hoses and winterize drain spigots before the first big freeze. 

  1. Bring delicate plants inside

Chances are, most of your potted plants will need a little help making it in the winter months. Also, many pots (such as terra-cotta) may crack in the cold, so it’s best to keep them safe inside. 


Maybe one of your fall chores this year is buying new farmland. Fall is a great time to start setting up a new farm, and Hurdle Land & Realty can help with that. Reach out to us to see how easy it is to start or expand your farm with owner-financed land.