Is financing available?

In case you have not seen the rest of this site, financing is our specialty! We will finance you any of our tracts. Browse through the rest of the FAQ and our site. You will like what you see!

Do I have to have to have good credit?


We have a don't ask don't tell policy.  We do not ask you about your credit so you do not have to tell us about it! Some say that history repeats itself.  If we followed that line of thought, then it means that we do not believe a person can come back after slipping up. 
All kidding aside... We finance you an undeveloped tract of agricultural farm land. You cannot move, hide or "take off" with a piece of land like you can with an automobile, boat, camper or other personal property. There is no structure on the property. In fact there is nothing on the property other than what you would find in nature: grass, trees and dirt. We are simply giving you the opportunity to purchase something that at times seems out of reach for a lot people. We are offering you a fair chance to buy a piece of land for yourself and your family. 

Who do I make my check or money order out to?

You can make your check or money order payable to the farm name you purchased property within. (Ex: Barksdale Farms, Deep Lake Farms, Saw Mill Farms etc.)

Where do I send my down payment?

Send your down payment made out to the name of the subdivision you are purchasing in to: Hurdle Land & Realty  P. O.  Box 9  Loganville, GA 30052. We also accept money orders and cashiers checks. If you like to deal in cash, we prefer you come by the office. We would love to meet you! Please do NOT mail us cash. 

How long do I have to get my down payment in?

We require that you get us your down payment within 7 business days. If it is any longer than that, we have to place the farm back on the market. This might  cause you to miss the purchase. So don't delay!

Where do I send my monthly payment?

Send all payments made out the name of the develoment that you purchased in to:

Burch & Hurdle Building

P.O. Box 788

Holly Springs, MS 38635.


Remember to write your Account Number on your check. It would be helpful if you put it on the outside of the envelope too! Please do NOT send cash. 

Where can I find my account number?

You account number is located on the cover letter which is included in your land purchase packet. Also, just call us and we can give it to you! 1/800-762-4851

Does the Loganville office accept monthly payments?

We cannot accept monthly mortgage payments to the Loganville, GA office. All payments must be sent to the Holly Springs, MS office. We DO accept down payments in Loganville. 

Is there a pre-payment penalty?

No way! You will only be charged interest for the actual time that you owe money AND only on the amount you owe. All pre-payments, no matter the amount, will come of the back end of your loan. 100% of pre-payments will be a straight deduction from the principal balance.  This means that the loan will pay off early without penalty!

If I put more money down will it lower my down payment?

Yes, putting more down will lower the monthly payment. But this is not a car loan. It will take a significant amount to make a significant difference in the payment because the term is much longer than a car loan.